Is PPC Really Worth for Realtors?


What really is PPC? Is it just an online ad? Does it really convert? Is it financially feasible? Is it optimized for the best results? Does it require professional expertise? Do not worry! All details will be covered in this article focusing on the real estate industry.

What exactly is PPC?

Pay per click! When you want to buy a home, search for a rent house, or sell your place, what do you do? You open a search engine, write down your query, and study the list of results that appear on the top. In Google, the first few results are all paid ads. They are PPC ads. They are not other irrelevant spam ads but truly targeted and specific ones for your search query.

They appear on top because the company, real estate agents have paid Google to advertise them in the top-most results. When you click on them, a fee is deducted from the advertiser account. If you give them a call, get a quote, or surf on their web, it’s a good lead. But if you do not revert or convert, it costs them. However, after a few clicks, they might get a potential client that may cover all of their costs in a single go. This is how it works best for realtors.

But what is the guarantee that your ad will be on top? It is true, that the online market is a bit competitive. It might not be easy to rank on the top results. Your competitors might be targeting the same niche and playing around the same keywords. So what is your lead?

Are keywords important?

Here comes the importance of your keywords research. Keywords are those important words that searchers use while searching for a query. They can be industry-based, location-based, service-based, or any other. The main part is to optimize the most relevant and useful ones that can convert.

Some keywords might have a great volume. It means that their search queries might be in the top numbers, but they might not help convert, or optimize your audience. Hence, your keywords strategy would not remain the same throughout your PPC campaign, it will vary for best results.

How would you know when to change your keywords for better optimization? Well, that is the role of the PPC marketer, who has that particular skill set and expertise required to run a PPC campaign efficiently. Real estate agencies may hire a PPC expert or outsource them. Hiring can become costly if you have to manage and monitor everything, thus it is best to get work from a professional real estate PPC agency.

What else?

PPC just not only revolves around playing with keywords and target market but bidding and improving your quality score is also required. Being in a tough competitive market, bidding on the most essential keywords to get ranked in essential. Search engines on which you are planning to run a PPC ad reviews your website and landing page as well. Hence to improve your quality score it is recommended to work hard on your landing page as well.

The landing page can be any page in which the link is placed in the PPC ad. Searchers will click on the link and land directly on that page, so it should be the quality-oriented page with updated content following your campaign theme. It helps in converting visitors to potential customers. If more traffic is being directed to your landing page, your ad will be preferred for the top position.

Furthermore, it is not always the same case for running a PPC campaign. PPC ad can be placed on multiple search engines at various positions and third party websites as well. Realtors should place their ads on Google and Bing. These are the most common and widely used search engines where any real estate client will research to get a good property insight. The ideal position is to get it placed on the top results or the side of the results page.

For PPC real estate ads, ad content or ad copy should be persuasive enough to grab the searcher’s attention and a click that converts. It is recommended to highlight some facts, stats, and client reviews to make a solid customer perception. Ad headlines and tags should be realistic avoiding spam look-alikes.

The main benefit for realtors to work on the PPC ad is that it converts within a short time. Other digital ads are effective for different objectives, however, if you are looking for quick results and converting leads to target a local market, PPC is recommended. A PPC ad helps you to target a local market within any radius, providing more options to the nearby searchers to consult quickly. The chances of conversion are relatively high for the local market if the competition is moderate.