Is it worth buying an electric car now?


Rising gasoline prices and increasing pollution levels have concerned millions of people across the globe. It’s getting more expensive to maintain a fuel car than simply taking a cab to the desired destination. Although personal vehicles offer many perks, increasing maintenance cost has frustrated car owners. 

Electric vehicles emerged as a great alternative to fuel-powered vehicles. Fast charging technology has ensured a shorter waiting time. Installation of charging stations across the country will solve many other issues. Therefore, it is worth buying an electric car now! 

If you still doubt it, you should pay attention to the following benefits:

The latest electric cars can run up to 200 miles in one charge!

Most of the people hesitate because they think an electric car can’t run too long in one charge. This fallacy has prevented thousands of buyers from investing their bucks in eco-friendly electric cars. In reality, a modern electric car can easily run up to 200 miles in one charge! 

Nissan has recently launched its Leaf Plus. This vehicle can easily run up to 226 miles in once charge! The 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV has proven that it can run from 238 to 259 miles in one charge! Kia Niro EV is also in the competition with its 239 miles capacity and Hyundai Kona Electric is capable of running up to 258 miles in one charge. 

It would be unfair to keep Tesla out of the competition because it has revolutionized the electric car market. The latest Tesla Model 3 can run up to 240 miles in one charge. The leading electric car producing company has employed smartest people to increase mileage. Their hard work is showing positive outcomes. Therefore, it won’t be an issue to take your car to a countryside location and get it back safely.  

You have more electric car models to choose from:

World’s leading car brands are now introducing electric cars in the market. They want to capture this new market before other companies grab the customers. All the brands in the automobile industry know that gasoline vehicles won’t rule the streets for too long. 

It’s important to present alternative solutions to maintain the customer base. Therefore, we are seeing more electric cars from a popular brand than ever before. More models mean more options to choose from and reduced car prices. 

Car prices may further reduce in the future if more companies launch affordable electric vehicles. It will eventually benefit future buyers, but things are not too bad now. You can easily find an impressive electric car between $30,000 and $40,000. So, price shouldn’t be a concern for you. 

Impressive incentives for buying electric vehicles:

The government is offering an impressive $7,500 one-time federal tax credit on buying an electric car. It won’t be applicable if you choose Tesla Models or Chevrolet Bolt EV thought! Choose another brand’s electric vehicle to take advantage of this tax credit. It will be deducted from your tax bills. 

This tax relief is not offered on Tesla and General-Motors electric vehicles because those companies have already sold over 200,000 vehicles. However, Tesla Model buyers still get $1,850 credit. 

Many new companies have launched their electric vehicles. You can pick one of them and get $7,500 tax credit before those companies reach the sales threshold. 

Affordable maintenance:

Many companies have sold above 10 million electric cars across the globe. More than 10 million people are using these vehicles. They seem satisfied with the car’s performance. Most of the electric car users praise its affordable maintenance. 

These cars don’t require expensive maintenance like gasoline cars. Besides, they are much lighter than fuel-cars and easy to maneuver on the road. There aren’t above two-dozen commonly used automobile components. It means minimum maintenance requirements and maximum performance. 

Every car owner wants to drive such low-maintenance cars in 2020. That’s why electric car sales have increased this year. People don’t want to leave environmental footprints. They want to live a simple and eco-friendly lifestyle. That’s why the demands for EVs have grown rapidly. 

Cheaper to run:

Pick any modern electric car. It will be cheaper to run and maintain than a fuel car. You don’t visit a gas station ever in your life when using an electric vehicle. Even though it’s a hybrid car, you will rarely use its petrol engine to run the vehicle. 

Electricity is cheaper and more environment-friendly than gasoline. As mentioned earlier, you can easily run up to 200 miles in one charge. Charging stations don’t charge as much as gasoline costs for a 200-mile ride. You save a considerable amount of money every month. Invest that money in other eco-friendly solutions to reduce your environmental footprints. 

Durable and reliable batteries:

Electric car batteries are not too different from other batteries. They lose their effectiveness with time, but not as quickly as ordinary batteries do. Electric cars are equipped with exceptionally durable and reliable batteries. 

EV batteries can hold the charge much longer than ordinary batteries. Tesla has proven that its cars’ batteries lose only 5% of its original charge-holding capacity over 50,000 miles. Other companies are using similarly effective batteries.  

It means EV batteries are capable of offering many years of unproblematic service. You can take your car to the showroom and assess the batteries’ performance. The showroom will provide battery replacements if the existing batteries do not perfect as good as promised. 

Growing public charging network:

Countries across the globe are planning to install a network of charging stations. Various governments are offering tax incentives on electric vehicles. Incentive alone won’t lure buyers if there are no charging stations. Therefore, it became a primary responsibility of countries to develop a network of charging stations. 

There are more charging stations in the USA than any other country. Other countries are also improving their electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Buy an electric car now and you will have hundreds of charging stations in the next few years. 

Final thoughts:

There will be only electric vehicles in future. Fuel cars will be obsolete. You have a chance to encourage thousands of other people for buying EVs. Don’t miss this chance because you will miss tax incentives!