Is Dentistry a Good Career Option

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When it comes to career options and professions, people have to be careful and wise enough to opt for the best career choice. By the market condition, it is imperative to choose efficient career options. It might get difficult for people when it comes to choosing a career because of the many options and fewer resources that people own. But this solemnly depends on the personal preference of people and their interests. One of the popular career options is Dentistry.

People have many misconceptions and negative thoughts about dentistry, mostly discussed here. Dentistry offers many reliefs and opportunities. These opportunities are full of rewards and challenges. Dentistry is a profession that is growing immensely. Rapid changes in this profession have shown positive results. The most exciting fact is that Americans spend around $0.5 trillion on medical treatments and procedures, which also includes oral hygiene.

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Moreover, for the sixth consecutive year, The US News and World Report suggest dentistry as one the best jobs among 100 best jobs. This information contributes to the cons of dentistry. It is known clearly that with the growing population and new advancements, people are paying more attention to oral hygiene.

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Dentists are one of the health care professionals who identify many diseases which include hypertension, cancers which cause oral hygiene problems. Dentistry is the kind of profession that reveals many health problems. Dentists provide many services and use of new technology to ensure the good health of patients. They are the ones who improve the appearance and confidence of people through dental procedures. With time, dentistry and its practices have increased drastically. People are looking forward to choosing this profession as a career.

However, every career option has its pros and cons. opting for a dentist profession can come along with different criteria and perspectives.

Pros of Dentistry Career

There are several pros to this profession. The pros include:

Improving the Oral health of people

When it comes to dentistry, it provides effective procedures that eliminating pain and different facial structures. Dentistry also helps people in their self-confidence and satisfaction. It gives joy and happiness of transforming people’s lives and helping them restore their oral health in a much better way.

Earn Good Income

Dentistry is one of those careers which can provide a sufficient amount of salary. Though the salary varies from country to country. It is an independent career that gives a lot of independence and allows people to set up their own businesses. A private dental practitioner can earn up to $183,340 a year.

Maintain a relaxed Lifestyle

There are several distinctive careers and practices in the dental industry. It allows people to adjust their timing and working days according to their own will. Dentistry will enable people to adapt to the lifestyle they want, without any problematic circumstances.

Transform the advancements and future of oral health care

It is one of the best platforms to show skills and make new researches. It allows people to contribute to the future of oral health care. Moreover, dental education can transform the science of oral hygiene. And come up with new techniques and technological work that enhances the perspective of oral health care.

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The cons of a Dental Career

 Education and institutions

Education can be difficult for this profession. This is because dental students have to spend around 7-8 years and pay for the institutions. The amount paid is very high. It is also seen that dental students suffer from a high level of stress. Researches have shown that they are prone to suicides and self-harm.


Dentistry is the kind of career that requires a significant amount of debt to fulfill the expenses. These expenses are for institutions, early dental education and also practicing liability. This takes a lot of courage to accept the idea of losing money on dental practices.


In present times, the world is full of new advancements and technology. In the dental industry, competition plays an important part. There is continuous competition among dentists to gain more patients and to maintain long term relationships with their patients. Convincing people to visit again is a great deal.

Lack of support

Choosing dentistry is not so easy. Mainly because there are many misconceptions regarding this career. Sometimes family leaves the support as well which creates mental problems for people.  The societal pressure and lack of support can be worse for the people who choose this career.

It should be taken into consideration that no career comes with pros or benefits only. There are cons to every career option but it depends on the person to choose wisely and follow the passion for the career. Regrets can make people suffer in their lives. A wise choice is better than regrets.

So it is important to find the real reason for making a career choice. No career is a bad choice, it depends on the preference and priority of people. It is important to believe and follow your heart because the rest comes easily.

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