Investing in Real Estate? A Guide to Hiring a Real Estate Attorney


Not all real estate transactions call for a real estate attorney. However, if you’re investing in commercial real estate, it’s always a good idea to cover your bases.

If you’re renting the property out to tenants, the real estate lawyer can help you draft leases, sales agreements, eviction notices, and more. Some real estate investors choose to have a real estate closing attorney present when buying and selling properties to ensure their interests are protected.

If you need a real estate attorney or would just feel more comfortable having one by your side, the only question you need to ask is how to find the best lawyer for your needs.

We can help. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

Look for Client Reviews and Testimonials

Whether you’re looking to draft a real estate power of attorney or need legal guidance on how to evict a tenant from your rental property, the right lawyer can make your life easier. To find a real estate attorney who can meet your needs, look for positive client reviews online.

You can find these by visiting the websites and social media pages of local real estate attorneys. Otherwise, search specifically for reviews on Google using the name of the attorney or law firm.

Ask About Real Estate Law Experience and Expertise

Next, do a little more research online to evaluate the local real estate attorneys. Look for lawyers who have several years of experience in the field, like the attorneys at Lees & Lees.

With experience and expertise in real estate law, they will be able to offer higher-quality services. Their legal guidance will be based on years of accumulated knowledge and practice.

Find Out How Many Other Clients They Have

Finding the best real estate attorney means hiring a lawyer who can commit themselves to you. Most legal professionals handle several cases at one time. Attorneys can juggle dozens of clients at once.

While this is a common occurrence, you don’t want to hire a lawyer who doesn’t actually have time to prioritize your needs. For example, an attorney with too much on their plate will take a long time to get back to you, let important details slip through the cracks, and more.

Ask About Real Estate Attorney Costs

Finally, let’s talk about the cost of hiring a real estate attorney. Real estate attorney costs can vary greatly. Some attorneys charge by the hours while others have a flat fee.

Talk to multiple real estate lawyers to get a quote for their services. Then, you can compare and contrast their costs. Be sure to find out what fees aren’t included in their quote, such as court fees, mailing costs, etc.

Looking for a Real Estate Attorney?

If you have one or more real estate properties, it might be in your best interest to hire a real estate attorney. Ultimately, it comes down to your circumstances and how much legal guidance you want. Follow the tips listed above to find the right lawyer for your unique situation.

And if you’re looking for more professional or real estate advice, don’t go anywhere just yet. Check out some of our other articles while you’re here. Our blog was created to serve as a reliable source of information for people like you.