Innovative Ways to Decorate Your Loft Space



The cost of adding a loft to a home can range from $125 to $225 per square foot. With costs of that sort, you would want to get the most of the space and decide the best use of the room.

Come learn some innovative ways to develop your loft space and create inventive ways to add interest and useful space to your home.

Color Coordination

When decorating any area having a cohesive color palette is a wise idea. But it is even more important when doing such in a loft space because you can easily get a view of the entire space all at once.

By having a sense of unity in the color scheme, a space will feel cleaner and far more comforting. You will create a disjointed space if you use a large number of colors.

Increase Storage in Your Loft Space

With a loft often being a small space it is a wise idea to be creative with storage. By doing that you can create more loft space and even provide neat points of interest depending on your choices.


These pieces can make a great point of interest while also serving a functional purpose. The staggered shelves offer spots to place a variety of items, this can add some flavor while giving you a place to store items as well.

Furniture with storage

If you have a bed or some kind of sofa in the loft this one is really easy. There is plenty of options these days for beds that have built-in storage right below. With it built in it looks clean and sleek too.

Bring in Life

By optimizing the amount of natural light that makes its way into the loft area you can brighten up the space making it more welcoming and make the area feel much larger than it is.

Work in some plants, they will provide some extra oxygen to the space while also adding a great deal of interest with not a whole lot of effort.

If you do a little bit of research you can find the plants that best fit your environment and the amount of time you can dedicate to their care.

Transform the Space

Use the extra room as a special area, think of it as a themed space for specific needs working as a variety of things both practical and fun.


With just the right lighting and bookcases lining the walls you can have a perfect hideaway to catch up on your reading.

Adding in a couple of chairs or a single couch will just enhance the space and make it easy to have a reading partner as well. It can allow for the space to double as a lounge too.

Craft Area

A restful space, the loft area can be a good room for a creative outlet. Having its own area for storage allows for the organization away from the rest of the home.

If you work with paints and slightly more messy crafting you can be less worried that the mess will carry over into the main home as well.

Home Office

Using loft space is a perfect way to help create a space that allows for a higher level of focus and concentration. It can create an isolated space away from the rest of the home, so you will have fewer distractions.

Adding Interest and Utility To Home Space

There is a reason the loft space is an “addition” to the home and that is because it, through you, takes on an identity all its own as we can see here. So put that money to good use, take these ideas and make them your own

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