Indian e-Tourist Visas: What People Must Know 


There is no doubt that India is a country that is quite unlike any other. This is a popular tourist destination with a rich and diverse landscape, ancient history and extensive culture. For traveling to India, a valid tourist visa is needed for citizens of most of the countries. 

But yes, good news is that thanks to the favourable e-Visa scheme of India, the country is more accessible than ever. It is as it is much easier to get a tourist visa.  You can easily Apply for Indian e tourist visa once you begin the procedure. This post is going to get you a quick peep.

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  • For thirty-day e-Tourist Visas, US$25 are going to be charged during the time of months of July to March. Also, a special rate of US$10 is going to be applicable for the months of April to June.
  • The charges for the one-year e-Tourist Visa has got reduced from US$80 to that of US$40
  • Then a Five-year e-Tourist Visa is going to cost US$80.

What do you mean by an Indian e-Tourist Visa?

The India e-Tourist Visa is an Electronic Travel Authorization, that is called ETA, which needs to submit an online visa application followed by its sanction before entering India. On arrival, travellers or visitors get a visa stamp for getting entrance into the country. It is one of five sub-categories under the e-Visa scheme, coupled with e-Business Visa, e-Medical Attendant Visa, e-Medical Visa and e-Conference Visa.

Which are the countries eligible for Indian e-Tourist Visas?

In the realm of the e-Visa scheme, citizen from more than 160 countries are now in a position to apply for an Indian e-Tourist Visa with double or manifold entries before arriving in India. These countries are like the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and so on.

How many kinds of Indian e-Tourist Visa are there?

Well, there are three kinds of e-Tourist visas available and these have a validity duration of thirty days, one year and even five years.

One-month e-Tourist Visa

The duration of this visa is one month (30 Days) from the date of visit or arrival and the number of entries is double.

One-year e-Tourist Visa

The duration of this visa is  one year (365 Days) and it is from the date of grant of ETA. And the number of entries is multiple. 

Five years e-Tourist Visa

The duration of this visa is five years from the date of grant of ETA. The number of entry is multiple. 

You should note that:

  • All the 3 kinds of e-Tourist visa are non-extendable and even non-convertible.
  • Then one-year and that of five-year e-Tourist visas permit multiple entries but are subject to restrictions on the length of continuous stay. Citizens of UK, USA, Canada and Japan can relish a continuous stay during each visit no more than one hundred eighty days; whereas for other eligible countries, continuous stay during each visit would not exceed ninety days.


So, since you have an idea about the visas and Indian e tourist visa online now, make sure that you plan a trip to India.

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