In-Depth Buying Guide To Marble Worktops


When it comes to selecting a sophisticated and luxurious worktop, most homeowners prefer classic white marble. Why not? After all, it’s an ultimate epitome of style, class and elegance to spruce up traditional to modern kitchen designs. 

Marble worktops have exotic luminosity, smoothness and brightness that make it stand apart from other natural worktop materials. Since marble comes in various designs and colour options, how to choose the best one for your home?

Well, here’s everything you must learn about marble worktops to make the best buying decision. 

Colour of Marble for Kitchen

While most people think of marble as white and creamy natural stone, it comes in hundreds of coloured varieties, including black, taupe, red, green and gold. However, people still stick to white marble countertops for the kitchen. This is because when using acidic substances like lime, vinegar or some citrus fruits on kitchen worktops, these may leave a whitish mark on the surface. So, this mark is less noticeable on white compared to coloured marble worktops. That’s why make sure to use white Italian marbles, such as Statuario and Calacatta, on kitchen surfaces. 

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How to Pick Marble Slabs

Since every marble slab is slightly different than the other slab, it’s best to select the exact pieces of stone you will be using on your countertop. To select a marble slab is an art, as you need to understand its veining pattern. Meanwhile, you need to know how different marble pieces can be brought together. The longer seamless piece you could get, the better it is for creating a flawless kitchen worktop. 

However, if there are seams on the worktop, book-match your marble slab so that the adjacent pieces have mirrored appearance. Although every quarry is different, it’s somehow possible to cut some marble blocks in two ways to get the designed veining pattern. 

For instance, fleuri cut or cross cut is perfect for achieving the best result in slabs with the open flowered pattern, which appears fairly random and perfect for book-matching. Striato or vein-cut is perfect for slicing the blocks to achieve a striped or linear appearance. 

Marble Finishes

The most popular finish for marble is polished. It is used for creating a perfectly glossy worktop surface with smoothness all around. Another famous marble finish is honed, which looks matte. The honed finish is perfect for anyone concerned about marks or acid etching on their marble worktop. Etching may turn a polished marble dull over time, so you need to take proper care of your polished marble surface. However, with a honed finish, there is nothing to worry about dulling your already dull finish. Nonetheless, the decision of choosing the right finish depends on the homeowner and their preference. 


When it comes to picking the right marble worktop, classic white marble stands out from the rest hands down. It’s no surprise that white marble worktops are very popular and still attract many homeowners. However, for coloured kitchen design, you can look for various hued marble slabs. Do consult a professional worktop supplier near you to get the premium worktop material.

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