5 Easy Ways to Improve Employee Wellness



Good employee health is central to their productivity and engagement at work. So, if you’re one of the one-in-ten employers who need their employees back at work as soon as possible, now’s your chance to make some changes.

Employee wellness is more important than ever before, and it also has other benefits apart from keeping your workers safe and healthy. Healthy, happy employees take less time off, are more productive, and are less likely to resign.

1. Maintain a Safe, Healthy Workplace

Workplace health starts with a sanitary environment.

Upgrade your office cleaning practices by hiring a commercial office cleaning company. Most of these businesses have implemented rigorous sanitization regimes in their services to ensure your employees aren’t exposed to harmful pathogens while at work.

You should also update your office health and safety policies to include all CDC recommendations for working safely in these trying times.

2. Encourage Healthy Habits

You can also boost workplace wellness by educating your employees on how to safeguard their health. Support immunization programs like annual flu vaccines as well as regular health checks.

If you have an office canteen, provide abundant healthy meal options, and get rid of some of the junk food. If you have space, design a simple jogging or walking track on your premises and encourage workers to exercise as much as possible.

Alternatively, implement walk-and-talk meetings instead of gathering in the boardroom, encourage cycling to work, and arrange group walks during lunch hours.

3. Employee Wellness Includes Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellness is one of the key aspects of employee well-being. Try to implement regular yoga or meditation classes during lunch breaks and encourage employees to join in.

You can arrange for a local yogi to lead the classes, or make use of online classes instead.

4. Get the Balance Right

A work-life balance is central to good health. Implement mandatory 5-minute breaks every after every hour of work. Sitting or standing in front of a computer screen for hours is detrimental to human health.

Once your work-from-home initiatives have decreased, discourage employees from taking work home.

5. Reward Your Employees for Staying on Track

All your efforts are in vain if you don’t monitor the effectiveness of your programs. Keep track of whether employees are taking your suggestions to heart and making use of the facilities provided.

Start a rewards program for those who take your initiatives to heart. For instance, you can provide a free lunch to those who order the healthiest meals at your office canteen, or award a day off to the person who sticks to their break schedule religiously.

You can also invest step counters for your employees with a prize for the team that walks the furthest every week or month.

Reap The Benefits of Good Business Practices

When you take care of employee wellness, your employees can perform their jobs more efficiently. In this way, workplace wellness translates into increased productivity, enhanced profits, and better prospects for all.

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