Important Aspects Covering Electrical and Lighting Issues in Your Home


Building home is one of the major investments of life. It is also a great learning curve that enriches your experiences along the journey called life. The decisions that you make while building your home are certainly bound to affect your life and that of your immediate family members in the coming times. Thus it is important that you take your own sweet time and spend hours to finalise the electrical and lighting plan, suggest qualified electricians in London. 

In the following paragraphs of the blog post let us explore certain important aspects related to electrical and lighting for your upcoming home.  

Avoid over-illuminating the indoors

You have to realise the unique functionality of each room before finalising the type and quantity of light to fill it up with, says an emergency electrician in London. Consider the core activities that you will be performing in a particular room and the way you will configure the furniture. Select the lighting accordingly to avoid having an over lighted home. Make sure to add a dimmer on every light inside your home.

Mixed lighting solutions is not a bad idea at all

Many people prefer having minimal ceiling lights. If you too belong to that club and do not want excess light to wash you away from the top, here is what you should do to make the indoors well-lit. Install minimal lights at the ceiling but do invest in all other types of lighting solutions available in the market, including

  • Floor lamps
  • Wall washes
  • Low hallway wall lights
  • Step lights
  • Pendants

 Consider installing ‘extrusion’ light on the ceiling – the sleek, latest approach that is in high demand from consumers. Before sitting with your electrician, it is better to invest some time and effort in doing your own research on the latest lighting options. This helps you secure higher value of your hard-earned money. 

Avoid old-fashioned lighting

Get rid of your hangover with lighting approaches from the bygone eras. It is your home after all and you can illuminate it just the way you want. But that doesn’t mean it is alright to rewind the clock back in your home with the lighting décor. The age we are living in is the age of ‘energy efficiency’. Therefore, you should better not consider installing lights at places that serve no real purpose. 

Sensor-induced smart lights

Considering the steadily evolving technology, it is not hard to consider that automation is the way of life in near future. Therefore qualified electricians in London highly recommend investing in smart lights to make a tech-savvy home. Sensor-induced smart lights are bound to make places like pantry and garage more inviting and attractive. 

Power point placement

Many people believe power points are better to be installed at concealed places that stay out of sight. To some extent this is true but not always. You have to think realistically while placing power points in your home. For example, at the dining area a concealed power point for table lamp is okay but you may also have to work on the laptop or charge your phone. Therefore, an additional few power points close to the dining table will actually prove helpful. 

Select the switches carefully

Lighting switches have evolved across a lengthy time period to offer a range of stylish options in the present times. There are even switches that allow you replace the buttons with relevant images like garage, laundry and others so that no one has to fumble with the switches at your home till finding the right one. 

Planning for in-wall vacuum systems

These days some powerful in-wall vacuum systems are available in the market. If you’re planning to get one of those items in your home, you’ve to do some spadework in advance. This is because those powerful systems need to be installed before the wall is plastered. Finalise little details after consulting your electrical mechanic like where to place the outlets, making sure the vacuum hose will cover the distance smoothly and such other factors before the wall is plastered. 

Select places for control panels carefully

These days you find varieties of control panels in any home. Make sure the kind of technology your home will run on. This will give a clear idea about the kind of control panels you require and where you can place them across the house to facilitate greater convenience unless of course you’re okay with a panel placed right next to a lovely piece of artwork.  

Keep options open and mind your budget 

Building a home itself is a costly affair. It is natural for you or anyone to run out of budget by the time electricians move in to do their bit. As a result that statement pendant light or an integrated sound system may still remain out of hands. In such circumstance, it is always advisable make the provisions for future by extending the cabling. When you have the cables installed, adding any electrical appliance or system proves to be much easier – technically and monetarily – at any time in future.

 Try literally walking through your decisions if possible

Take your time to think and finalise lighting and electrical for your home but make that effort after the building is framed rather than at the planning stage. That way you can literally walk through the rooms and practically see where the power points, switches and lights should better be positioned. Visualising from a plan often bars you to identify new opportunities. 

Qualified electricians associated with the Electric Works London suggest it is not difficult for house-owners to make the most out of an electrician’s work. Just follow the tips discussed above to enjoy greater conveniences along with safe access to electricity.