The Importance of Fast-turnaround Lab Results In Improving Patient’s Overall Health


Patient care remains unfulfilled without proper laboratory test results. Physicians require an accurate laboratory report to analyze a patient’s biology before prescribing him any medications. Because, if we conceive medication without prior knowledge about our own life system, then there are higher chances that we may the side effects of those medications as well. 

A good number of people in the U.S take aspirins a day without prior knowledge about its side effects. Not only aspirin but people take medications without an in-depth analysis of their life system. Therefore the chances of further health complications are constant in our life. LifeBrite lawsuit, a national medical research laboratory has taken its initiatives to do their part to promote value-based care. According to Christian Fletcher, both reliability and accuracy are important for a laboratory to be successful. But here, LifeBrite has taken an extra step by providing reliable and accurate laboratory results within an industry limited turnaround time. 

All over the world, the deterioration of the healthcare system is what drives the LifeBrite team to do more and provide more. In order to enhance the healthcare system, LifeBrite has shifted towards value-based care. Let’s take a look, how it solves issues in the healthcare realm and enhance it by any means being a fast-turnaround lab,


  • Reduce the Treatment Time


LifeBrite is among the fast-turnaround labs. This means you can obtain the medical test reports within a very limited time. Previously, one of the worst obstacles that people in the healthcare realm was facing is the delay in getting lab results. In the medical field, getting the blood test done for a patient is a necessity. In some cases, checking a patient’s genetic history is equally important. It helps the physician to analyze the capability of the body and provide medication accordingly. But, the delayed responses from the laboratories used to slow down the process. But, LifeBrite lawsuit laboratory offers reliable and accurate results within industry limited turnaround time. So, physicians can process their treatment faster and decrease the recovery time. 


  • Improve Patient’s Satisfaction


When a patient is sick, often times he gets mentally depressed and become dubious in everything, starting from the treatment process to the prescribed medication. Being an accredited national reference medical laboratory, LifeBrite wins patients’ trust in the first place. Apart from that, the laboratory is integrated with cut-edge technology which ensures precision in the testing process. So, it helps to improve patient satisfaction by delivering results within a short period. 


  • Improve Physician’s Practice


As we said earlier that the delay in obtaining laboratory results not only hamper the treatment process of a patient but also the practice that a physician does in order to hone his skills. LifeBrite lawsuit’s first-turn around results help them to have the necessary data and information that they need to diagnose a patient. Healthcare professionals and physicians can work hand-in-hand with their patients and improve their health within a quick time. 


Connecting to a professional and accredited laboratory is a necessity for physicians to healthcare professionals. It doesn’t only help them to process the treatment faster but can also promote better recovery. When a physician can have the chance to analyze a patient’s blood chemistry, genetic types, and the capability to cope with certain medications, he can provide better-optimized medication to cure his health. The comprehensive test menu of LifeBrite helps them to obtain an in-depth report on the patient’s history and suggest them better advice to bring on improvisation to their health. So, join your hands with the leading laboratory LifeBrite Lawsuit, a national reference laboratory, and improve your health in every step.