Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance and its Benefits

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Did you know that proper AC maintenance can reduce your electricity bills by almost 25%. No doubt, maintaining your air conditioning system is very important. With summers getting hotter and prolonged due to global warming, it is important to keep your AC in optimum condition before the start of the summer season. For the upkeep of your AC, we all should do regular maintenance checks throughout the year. For AC maintenance, we all hire AC servicing companies. With the help of regular checks you will also reduce the chances of AC breakdown or major repairs. Let’s see why regular maintenance check for your AC is so important.

Air Conditioning Maintenance
Air Conditioning Maintenance

Protects the Important Equipment or Parts of Your AC

AC is one of the most expensive devices in our house. There are different types of air conditioning equipment inside the AC that need to be checked regularly. Replacing these parts every now and then could be a major blow to your budget, which you would want to avoid. Let’s see what are the costliest parts in your air conditioning system.

  • AC filters

These filters are the ones that we normally see once the hood of the AC is opened. They are responsible for restricting certain air pollutants, germs, and particulate matters in the air from entering the AC system. They need to be cleaned regularly, as they are directly related to the efficient cooling and power saving of your system. However, if they get damaged too badly, they may cause extensive damage to the entire AC system, which may be too expensive to repair or replace.

  • AC coils

Air conditioning coils have a condenser coil and an evaporator coil. Over time, they collect dirt and thus they have to be cleaned during regular maintenance sessions. The dirt inside the coils reduces airflow and its heat absorption quantity. While cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils, you also need to clean the outdoor units and the condenser unit.

  • Coil fins

Condenser coils have aluminium fins wrapped around them. If they get bent, they suppress the airflow. This generally needs to be replaced or they can be restored to their original condition with a tool called ‘fin comb’.

Not only this, a well maintained air conditioning system also adds up to energy-saving and efficient cooling. So, through regular AC servicing, you can keep your electricity bills in check.

How Often Do You Need AC Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance
Air Conditioning Maintenance

It is important to keep your AC working during the summer season properly. So, make sure that you do AC servicing in the spring season. You can also do that once during the winter season and once or twice during the middle of the summer season. But there are other factors also, like the number of hours your AC is turned on during the summer season, the length of the summer and the winter seasons in your region, and the dust or pollution in your environment that are important for air conditioning repairing service. But to make sure that your AC works in the optimum condition next summer, you should cover your AC or unmount your AC and store it. You should also cover the outdoor unit and make sure that the outdoor unit is protected from heavy snow and dust.

Hiring professionals

For AC maintenance, you need to hire professionals who are experts in repairing, cleaning and servicing your AC. There are many companies out there, so you can choose the one within your budget and having maximum experience. You need to keep the following things in mind before hiring AC repairing and maintenance company:

  • See how much they will cost you and make a budget accordingly
  • Compare the prices
  • Hire companies with maximum experience
  • Check their licenses and insurance

All in all, air conditioning maintenance is important to keep your AC working for years. It can also help you to reduce your electricity expenses and prevent frequent repairs and replacements in your AC system.