If You Doubt, Paris Was Made For Love? Give Paris One More Chance

Visit Paris

The City of Love or Lights? Paris!!! Romance and Paris go well together like bread and butter. Whenever someone talks about Paris, the first thing that pops up in our mind is either the famous Eiffel Tower or Love, romance, and romantic dates. But does this city Paris only represent Love? Is there nothing more to it other than romance? Is Paris only the City Of Love? The answer is: No, Paris is not only limited to hardcore Romance, but this city indeed has another famous name – The City of Lights.

Most people think that Paris calls it the “City of Light” because of its dazzling boulevards and bridges. The real reason for the city’s name actually originated in the middle of the 17th century, when Louis XIV ( also known as the Great King) or Roi Soleil came to the throne. After a long war and civil strife, the king worked to restore the public’s faith in law and order. To make Paris safer, one of his tactics was to install more lighting equipment. Lanterns were placed on almost every major street, and residents must light up windows with candles and oil lamps. Since then, the city got its nickname LaVille-Lumière (“City of Light”).

The question now is, what makes the French capital more kneeling than any other city in the world? Is the city deserving of the reputation it has? These reasons will make you confident about the answer, yes:

How Beautiful is the place!

No wonder Paris is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The town retains its famous skyline under the protection of UNESCO’s heritage, limiting the buildings to six floors. The carefully preserved buildings may explain the romantic charm of Paris to some extent. 

Parisian writer Debra Healy once said: “Because the story is over, you have old buildings that haven’t risen, so they don’t form a hazy canyon.” “I think the reason why people came is that it is beautiful.”  Healy also stated that “You won’t get lost, and there are always beautiful things around the next corner.”

City attractions look like they are from another world.

When you visit Paris, the romantic atmosphere is everywhere, from beautiful buildings to places you love. It is easy to understand why people call Paris the “City of Love.”  The iconic Eiffel Tower is a symbol of Paris and represents love. While enjoying a romantic evening, people enjoy the landmark view of Mars Park on the Champs Elysées below.

The Parisian architecture incorporates many architectural styles. Walking on the streets of Paris, you will see the perfect combination of Victorian architecture, Art Nouveau, and modern architecture. Many residential areas display beautiful colors on the row houses, but it is evident that Paris is the excellence of the city of love: they have a love wall! They called it le Mur des Je t’aime.

Splendid bridges are the town’s privilege.

Another thing people like about Paris is a large number of bridges. We love not only them but also all their environments! There are two beautiful islands in the center of Paris, and this area is the most beautiful place to walk. They all have their own characteristics and are unique in their own way. Ever Feel artistic? You can Go to the Pont des Arts. Want to return to the Middle Ages? Trying Shimbashi will be a good option. Want to experience the Nostalgic Art Deco style? The Bir-Hakeim Bridge is waiting for you. You can feel this art and the artistic feel of Paris without putting a lot of load on your pocket with the help of Delta Airlines Reservations. They have the best deals and discounts for hotels and airfare.

Here located, is the world’s largest flea market.

In the 19th century, Emperor Napoleon III and the architect Baron Hausmann completely renovated the city, and Paris suddenly became a city full of beautiful facades and wide boulevards. Alleys and slums were demolished, which dissatisfied most residents who had sought refuge in northern Paris. These merchants continued to sell goods at stalls erected near Porte de Clignancourt, which then became “flea markets,” which means flea markets. The flea market still exists today. This d’Ali Baba cave has the world’s highest number of antique dealers and second-hand furniture dealers. The flea market, held every weekend and on Mondays and is the ideal Notre Dame Cathedral.

The Eiffel Tower makes the whole city shine.

The Eiffel Tower is a famous landmark in France and the world. It is decorated with golden light that flashes for 5 minutes every hour and every hour every night. Its lighthouse illuminates Paris and is 80 kilometers long. The golden lighting can be traced back to 1985. This lighting marks the beginning of the night revival of monuments in Paris and French and world cities.

Je t’aime (I love you)

Indeed, the term “Je t’aime” is the most famous phrase in French. Even non-french speakers know that this phrase means “I Love you” in the French language. Visit this  LaVille-Lumière famous for love by making KLM Reservations, and maybe, there is no other conclusion, but this French Capital will undoubtedly add romance to your trip.