How Your Business Can Stay Safe Despite Restrictions Being Eased


It has been a tough few months for us all – especially business owners. A loss of income or even shutting down the business entirely, the uncertainty of these recent times has meant that companies have been unclear as to what the future holds. However, it now seems that some progress is being made.

As shops look to reopen in June, it would be easy to act as if everything is back to normal – however, this is far from the case. Yes, restrictions have been eased, but limitations still exist for a reason. Everybody’s health is the most important thing. So, yes, your business can open again, but please keep these tips from Strip Curtains Direct in mind to keep your business safe when reopening.

Follow the Government Guidelines as A Bare Minimum

As we all know, the government has advised us to remain socially distanced by keeping two meters apart from each other. Trying to guess what two meters is can be hard for employees and customers in your business – so using social distance floor markers from companies like Strip Curtains Direct can act as a great indicator and reminder to stay clear and safe in your premises. Of course, people must keep a two-meter distance wherever it may be, but your business will have its own specific needs. Perhaps you need to check your risk assessment process also.

The things to consider for your risk assessment include:

Daily Hygiene

It is essential that you cover the basics in this area. Make sure that you have more than enough hygiene products, as you never know when some may go missing or run out. Stock up on hand sanitizer, tissues and soap – and make sure all staff members are familiar with the recommended guidelines for washing your hands efficiently. Keep an eye on the different surfaces within your business, and if you see something isn’t hygienically up to scratch, clean it yourself if you get the chance or contact your cleaning contractors. Try to promote washing your hands every time you enter and leave the business to every employee, to further heighten the importance of washing hands in the workplace.

Communicate Thoroughly and Regularly with Your Cleaners

The cleaners in your business have an even more vital role to play now than they usually do. Speak to your cleaners well in advance of reopening about the day to day procedures you need them to follow once reopened. You may even want them to come in for a few days before reopening to guarantee that the business is as clean and hygienic as possible before large quantities of staff start coming in and out of the business every day. If your business includes people working closely with food or caterers, provide them with thorough, enhanced step by step guides around to what to do if they feel any sign of being sick or unclean.

Coping with Sicknesses After Re-Opening

Once your business is up and running again, it is essential that you look out for illness and sickness even more than you would typically do so. Ask your employees to use common sense. In regular times, if a member of staff had a little cough or sniffle, you would encourage them to come in unless it got worse. However, it is vital that you encourage your team to stay at home if they have a minor cough or sniffle, as it could result in the entire business suffering from something much worse.

It has been hard for businesses during these unprecedented times, but it is essential to go about opening again in the right way.