How Would You Choose the Best Roof Ladder Access System?


People working on heights and uneven surfaces can get injured by unexpected falls. To stay safe and work efficiently, you need to use roof ladder access system to minimize the potential risk of falls and trips.There are different kinds of ladder systems available out there. For example, you can install an enclosed roof access ladder for your employees who need to work on roofs on a regular basis. You can also install an open ladder to connect to your roof, and your workers can use this ladder for safe transportation of materials. Whatever your purpose is, make sure that you choose a safety access ladder designed with guardrails. Let’s find out more about these ladder systems.

Why Would You Install Roof Access Ladders?

Nowadays, you can find some roof ladder access systems which are lightweight and durable. If you want to create a temporary platform on your roof for repair of maintenance purpose, then you can use rung ladders. They can be used on elevated areas, and you can install them vertically or horizontally. Apart from that, you can add other safety features to your ladder, and you can even design a ladder with hatches, bridges, walkways and fall arrest systems. Even, if you want to work on height and use a ladder for your construction project, then you can add some anchor points to maintain fall safety measurements.

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Roof access ladders are available in various types, and you can choose the best oneaccording to your specific requirements. They are cost effective and they can minimise falls if they comply with all safety regulations. If you do not install proper safety gears for your workers who work on height, then you will be penalised by the local authority and government. It is better to ensure the safety of your workers, and install the right roof ladder for your employees.

Different Types of Roof Ladder Access Systems

Here, you can find few types of roof ladder access systems, so that you can choose the best one according to your needs:

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  • Angled roof access ladders: You can install such angled roof access ladders on an inclined roof. You can use them with handrails to work on low height, usually less than 6-8 storeys. Apart from that, you can also install such ladders in your house to access your roof for maintenance purpose. But if you want to climb on a wall, then you need to use a fixed angled ladder. Apart from that, you can find angled ladders for temporary projects, and you can use them to transport heavy building materials from one floor to another.
  • Vertical ladders: These ladders are found in the apartments which have an additional water tank or storage unit on the roof. If you work on the roof which is higher than the ground level, then you can use vertical roof ladder access with parapet platform. You can also use vertical ladder with hatch access in your factories where you do not need to access your roof on a regular basis.
  • Caged ladders: These are fixed ladder systems that are commonly installed in commercial buildings. You can provide complete safety to your employees by installing these ladders in your property.

There are different kinds of roof ladder access systems available in the market, and you can take help from experts in choosing the best one for your property or project. They will evaluate your worksite and suggest you the best roof access ladders according to your budget.

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