How To Use Coloured Contact Lenses Safely


Coloured contact lenses have become extremely liked all over the world. People have added another feature to their fashion lifestyle along with hairdressing and makeup. Colour contacts have added another dimension to one’s fashion lifestyle. They are completely amazing.

Coloured lenses have a very strange charm about them, you can easily have everyone fall for you. There is no doubt that your beauty enhances significantly with these lenses but the best thing about them is that your looks are so natural that they are almost baffling.

They are the easiest way to enhance and beautify yourself. But before you do you should know how they work and what are the safety precautions about coloured contact lenses.

How Coloured Lenses work

Colored contact lenses are like any other normal contact lenses. These lenses just have a colored tint on them that looks exactly like your eyes. It has a free middle zone that allows you to see without any problem.

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These colored tints have the same designs, patterns and lines as there are on our eyes and that is why when you wear different colours on your eyes they blend in to produce a very wonderful effect. Also you can get lipsense colors to complement your lens. Then there are coloured tints that cover the eyes completely and change the eye colour. So you must choose what coloured tint suits you best.

Then there are daily disposable and weekly disposable lenses that are good for a day and a week respectively. After that, they expire. You may choose daily disposable for a certain special event on a day and you may choose weekly disposable if you want to use them for a longer period. Now you need to buy these lenses from trustworthy stores so you can get high quality lenses.


Buy Quality Lenses

Now the more important part of coloured lenses is to how you buy them. You are going to wear them on your eyes so you need the best product. That means you can only get it from the most trustworthy and well-respected stores.

You see buying from cheap places may result in acquiring cheap contact lenses that would damage your eyes. It is imperative that you stick with quality lenses in order to maintain your eye health. These quality products come with refund policies or exchange policies and complete accessories.


Safety methods of using coloured lenses

There are certain things that you need to be sure of before using coloured contact lenses. These are very important safety methods that you need to be careful about. We are going to list them down in points so you can follow them easily

  • Wash your hands before touching your coloured lenses. Use water and soap to clean your hands and dry them before touching your lenses.
  • Clean your lenses with solution before you wear them.
  • Never share your coloured contact lenses with anyone. Sharing is very dangerous for your eye health.
  • Never sleep while wearing your coloured contact lenses. Unless they are extended coloured contact lenses, you should always take them off before going to bed.
  • The coloured contact lenses should not be worn for too long otherwise you may hurt your eyes. It is suggested that you should only wear them for a good 6-7 hours and then take them off.
  • Always clean your lenses with the disinfectant solution.
  • Do not use water or any other homemade solutions.
  • Once your coloured contact lenses are expired or damaged, just discard them
  • If you want to use again then you can always buy a new pair.
  • Remember, after every use of coloured contact lenses you must clean them and put them safely in their case so that they are free from contamination and you can use them safely again.

What Else Should I know In the end?

Coloured contact lenses are pretty amazing products. But they are regarded as medical devices as you are going to wear them on your eyes. For that reason, they have an expiry date on them and you just cannot be careless with them.

When something like these is enhancing your looks then you should take special care for them. Make sure you are following the rules properly.

It is always suggested that you should get your doctor to have a look at your eyes before you can get your products. That way you would know what suits best for your eyes. You can choose different types knowing your eyes perfectly well. It is better to stay safe than be sorry.

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