How to Successfully Break Free From the Screen


Pros and Cons of Technology

We are fortunate to be living in the era of technology. But despite its many obvious advantages, it can also result in many drawbacks if we don’t use it wisely.

One of its first advantages became that it allowed us to have the world at our feet. Although you might experience some political challenges, modern technology allowed us to travel faster and further than ever before in human history. It saves us time to finish tasks and helps us do them more efficiently. Thanks to technology, science is enabling doctors to find treatments for terminal diseases. It enabled an unprecedented pace to create the COVID-19 vaccine within less than a year, a process which usually takes up to a decade.

It helped us work and learn more efficiently and easily as business and learning no longer have to take place in an office or classroom. Technology provided us with access to valuable information within seconds. It also provided us with communication tools as we moved from letters to emails and then Skype and Facetime. Moreover, technology made the world better as it allowed us to focus on our abilities and overcome our disabilities.

On the other hand, technology also made some jobs redundant. This progress also comes at a cost which many people and businesses cannot afford. All these tech advancements also created more space for plagiarism and fraudulent information or behavior. It even opened the way for destructive behavior with nuclear experiments and toxic plants. Problems we faced before the tech-era found their way to the digital framework such as cyber-bullying. Perhaps the biggest problem we have these days is addiction to technology as we cannot imagine spending a minute without our smartphones. Young generations are so hooked on social media that they end up living in a surreal world while real life passes them by so they end up feeling alone and alienated. All those devices that make our lives more convenient and entertain us have resulted in us moving a lot less which is terrible for our overall health. Didn’t you hear that sitting is the new smoking?

2. Addicted To The Screen – Benefits of Limiting Screen Time

Parents limit their children’s screen time but we often forget to self-regulate ourselves. Limiting screen time is one of our most powerful tools to protect ourselves against insomnia, stress and poor health that come as a result of too much screen time.

Lower bill

Less screen time translates to less energy used and therefore, a lower PECO utility bill.

Better mood

You won’t feel guilty for not doing what you’re supposed to do because you are scrolling mindlessly through social media and wasting time. Your relationships won’t suffer because you are away in fantasy land, so you’ll actually benefit from quality time with our loved ones. Human beings are social creatures and digital relationships can never live up to real ones. When the wi-fi goes out, you won’t have a nervous breakdown. Self-esteem and overall life satisfaction levels are lower in people who spend more time using smart devices.

You will feel rested

Too much screen time results in tired and dry eyes, which often results in a headache as well as fatigue and back or neck pain. Computers can literally be a pain in the neck, as physical therapy experts coined expressions such as “the tech neck” as well as ‘text neck’ which comes the overuse of our phones and cause immense pain and posture issues. The blue light from your screens disrupts your melatonin levels which keep your brain alert and often causes insomnia. With less screen time, it won’t be so hard to fall asleep.

  1. Tips To Be Successful In Limiting Screen Time

Here are a few tips that will help you take control and get your life back.

Take breaks and move

Experts say for every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break to focus on something 20 feet away. While you’re at it, move and stretch.

Break bad habits

Put away your phone when you’re walking. Limit the number of times you check your social media. Instead of binging a TV show, why not take a virtual Yoga class? It’s all about the mindset.

Limit distractions

To begin with, turn off notifications. Even if something ‘rings’, don’t jump to check it out. When you are working or exercising or just spending time with your loved ones, put your phone on  to silent. Turn off digital devices for at least a half hour before bedtime. Even better, ban tech devices from the bedroom entirely.


The nature of the modern lifestyle makes us extremely vulnerable to becoming addicted to technology but at the end of the day, the tech debate is pretty simple. If we use it to improve our lives, it is one of our greatest assets. But, if we get off track and let it control us, it becomes a dangerous master that diminishes our wellbeing. Reducing screen time will help you take control so you can use technology to your advantage without falling into the addiction trap. Just remember, there was life before cell phones, gaming and Netflix – and there were many good things about it.