How To Ride A Bike In The Rain?


Walking in the rain is a difficult thing for the public. But those who ride motorbikes in the rain are suffering even more. Many people may say that they love the rain, but a motorbike would never say that they like to ride a bike in the rain. So today, we will know that while driving your motorbike in the rain, your suffering will be much reduced as you and your fellow passengers will be safe.

Appropriate Clothing:

In the rain, your clothes will be soaked in moisture so it is important to wear raincoat or rain resistant clothes during the rainy season. Collect rainproof cloths that will protect you from rainwater at once and have proper ventilation inside the cloth that will help keep your breathing steady. Buy a raincoat that will protect you from rain all over the body from foot to head but now the question is what are raincoat made of? Otherwise, you will experience colds, fever, and various illnesses soaked in rain.

Rain does not show anything in front, so wear a raincoat of brightly colored or glossy materials to help other drivers on the way understand your location.

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Wear A Visor Helmet:

Whether you are a bicyclist or a passenger, helmets are recommended when riding a moving motorbike. But in the rain, you will cry if your helmet does not have a visor installed. If you drive at 5 kph every hour in the rain, the raindrops will hit your eyes and mouth and you will get pain. By using glass you can protect your eyes from injury like this needle blister, but the visor will be most beneficial for you.

Check The Tire:

Many people have wondered if the tire’s zigzag-shaped notch works. These grooves remove water from the road while running. These hold the grip firmly in the road and prevent the bike from falling backwards. However, with the use, these grooves are eroded and the grip gradually disappears; As a result, the probability of an accident increases. So before riding a bike, you should always check whether the wheels are grips as well as other auto parts.

Brake Slowly:

Road conditions are very slippery during rains. If it rains after a long period of dry weather, then the slippery conditions are more noticeable, meaning you have to be extra careful at this time. If you brake loudly in the rain, your bike may be prone to falling behind. But for safety, you can drive the bike while maintaining a little distance from the front car so that you can stop the bike by braking slowly if the front car brakes. Then if ever you need to brake immediately, pump and brake.

When Riding A Bike On A Road Beware of Oily Floor:

This is the minimum factor to keep in mind when driving on the road. Riding a water-filled section may be fun, but there may be small or large holes underneath it. If riding a wheel in a hole hidden under water while riding a bike, you will get off the bike and suffer severe pain. If you have seen traffic-related posts on Facebook, be aware that there are many instances of accidental drowning of a motorbike down the slopes.

Care must be taken when crossing speed breakers, Uchunichu Jiga and Railways. Try to keep the bike as straight as possible on them, especially when riding on a metallic material. Protect your balance by continuing slowly. Another noticeable place is an oily dye or water sink like rainbow on the road. These are made by combining water with oil on the road and these are likely to cause fatal accidents if you are not careful. Avoid such an oily floor when riding a bike.

Bonus Tip: Have a Safe Haven During Thunderstorms

You might think that a bike’s rubber tire will protect you from lightning strikes, which is a completely wrong idea. Water is electric, so when you are wet and there is a thunderstorm around, you can easily get in shock with it. Although the news of the death or injury of the bicyclist has not been heard in light of the thunderstorm, some bikers die each year from thunderstorms. So it is wise to take shelter in a safe place without risking such cases. If you are experiencing rains with thunderstorms like this, then take refuge in a safe place without riding a bike. Avoid taking shelter around trees and electric poles as these two attract lightning.

You can carry homemade maggi with you when go for long road trip. It will be amazing on that rainy day.

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