How to Reduce Hyperpigmentation in a Single Day?


Pigmentation means the coloring of the skin, and hyperpigmentation refers to the condition where the skin becomes dark in color due to the overproduction of melanin in the skin. Melanin gives the skin its color. Hyperpigmentation can lead to dark spots, uneven skin tone, and dull complexion and, therefore, is a cosmetic concern of high regard. However, hyperpigmentation could also be caused due to some underlying medical conditions so, it is wise to get a professional opinion if the mater gets out of hand. Luckily, you don’ need to worry since hyperpigmentation is a common issue and can be taken care of by some natural DIY remedies. So, here are some best masks for hyperpigmentation that can help you take care of the condition in a single day-


  • Apple Cider Vinegar Mask-


One of the commonly used and best masks for hyperpigmentation, these masks are largely constituted of apple cider vinegar that is a rich source of acetic acid that helps in lightening hyperpigmentation. Apple cider vinegar effectively reduces dark spots and gives you an even skin tone. Vinegar is a natural astringent and works as a good exfoliator, removing the dead skin cells on the surface to reveal the clear and soft skin beneath. All you have to do for this mask is to combine the proportionate amount of apple cider vinegar and water and apply the mix on your dark spots. Let is stay for 3-4 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. You can use this mask twice a day for immediate results.


  • Aloe Vera-


Aloe Vera is proven to be heroic when it comes to treating the skin with care. It is a rich source of aloe in, which has depigmenting qualities and is considered to be an effective nontoxic hyperpigmentation treatment. The mucilaginous polysaccharides present in the gel works wonders for tanned skin and reduces dark spots and promotes the generation of new skin cells, which results in the reduction of skin pigmentation. All you have to do for this method is to apply pure aloe vera gel on the dark spots before going to bed. In the morning, rinse with lukewarm water for best and instant results.


  • Papaya Mask-


Papaya is a rich source of papain enzyme that has natural exfoliating properties. They exfoliate the skin and get rid of the dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin. By getting rid of those cells, they promote new cell growth with results in a reduction in the skin pigmentation level. Papaya is an easily available kitchen ingredient that can help you handle your hyperpigmentation. All you have to do is extract some papaya pulp and mix it with honey and milk. Mix the mix till it takes a paste form. Apply the paste on the affected areas and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Rinse the masks off with lukewarm water for the best results. You can apply the mask for about four times a week.


  • Cocoa Butter and Milk-


Cocoa Butter has antioxidant qualities that help in achieving smooth and hydrated skin. Applying cocoa butter on the skin creates a protective layer on the skin and neutralizes the hyperpigmentation. It also prevents the skin from getting damaged from sun exposure. On the other hand, milk is a rich source of lactic acid that effectively reduces skin coloration. It is the same with buttermilk, as well as sour milk. All you have to do is mix cocoa butter and milk to form a paste and then apply it to the affected areas. Massage the mix on the skin gently for better blood circulation and a hydrated look.


  • Orange Peel Face Mask-


This is one of the best masks for hyperpigmentation, which you can make yourself. This mask is made from orange peels, red lentils, and milk. Red lentils act as antioxidants and are an effective tool in actively reducing hyperpigmentation. Milk is a rich source of lactic acid, which also actively reduces skin coloration. The orange peels are abundant in Vitamin-C and antioxidants and have a bleaching effect on the skin. The orange peels are used in making most of the advanced skin care vitamin c serum. All you have to do is blend these three ingredients together with some honey and apply the mask on your face. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes before gently rinsing it off with warm water. Make sure that you prepare the mask a night before applying it since the orange peel needs to be dried, and the red lentils need to be soaked in water for a night. You can apply this mask twice a day to treat hyperpigmentation in a single day.

All the ingredients are natural in their treatment of the skin, which makes these masks some of the best masks for hyperpigmentation that can help you in treating the cosmetic concern in a single day.