How To Play Tri Peaks Solitaire Game

Peaks Solitaire Game

There are many types of solitaire games you can play.  Their status has remained very high over the past few couple of years.

One of the most quick paced editions you can enjoy is tri peaks solitaire. The Tri Peaks is played with a deck of fifty-two special cards and one wild card.

Card layout

The game is played with a one pack of fifty-two playing cards. The cards are shape to make a tableau containing of 3 overlapping mountains in the arrangement.  A single card is then dealt face up from the left over stock to begin a waste load that is made on during the game.


The aim of the play is to shift each and every card from the 3 peaks onto the waste. You can just shift open cards to the waste, a card is known as open if there are no other cards supporting it. At the starting the whole base row is open. Once you move cards from the peaks you open up other cards that you can then flip over and are then unlock to move to the waste as well.

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You can shift a card onto the waste if it positions one higher, or one lesser than the highest card on the waste. E.g. if there is a six on the waste you can shift a five or a seven there. Initially, the waste is empty and you can move any card there.

If you have no cards in the peaks that can be shifted to the waste then you can obtain a card from the stock and turn it over to the waste. You can only go 1 time via the stock, there are no resets permitted, so do not use the stock unless you actually cannot move any cards from the peaks.


  • Clearing a one card provides ten points
  • Clearing 2 cards in a row gives twenty points, three – thirty points, etc.
  • Using the wild card or a card from the stock breaks the series, and the next card vacant would provide ten points.
  • There is a bonus points of time for the quick playing if finishing the entertainment earlier than the time limit.

Tips to improving scores and competing more levels quick

  • When offered the choice of 2 cards of the same worth you can erase from the peaks, erase the one covering 2 cards or the largest peak. It provides you excellent odds to finish the level and more choices.
  • Play often so that you can simply begin viewing the patterns and get into the zone.
  • Try different variations of the game. The pretty changes will sharpen your feel for the game permitting you to better your scores on all of the variations of the game.
  • Try to construct long series, plan your moves always ahead
  • It is vital to show face-down cards as fast as easy. So when you have an option, shift the card that shows as lots of face-down cares as easy.
  • Try to find balance between finalizing individual decks and clearing card series.

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