How To Play Rise Of Kingdoms For Beginners

rise of kondoms

Rise of Kingdoms is an incredible popular real-time strategy mobile app game for both iOS and Android. But did you know that you can play Rise of Kingdoms for free. House of Kingdoms have done a great job with their in-depth guide to play Rise of Kingdoms for free.

In this guide, we are going to share tips on how to play this popular real-time strategy mobile app game right now. Best of all, they are absolutely doable for free-to-play players and don’t cost any money. Here’s how to play Rise of Kingdoms:

Rush Your VIP Status to Level 6

At the very beginning of your first game session, you will get tokens for the second builder queue. Although they are temporary. Which means after you use them up, you only can upgrade one building at a time.

To get a permanent second builder queue, you need to rush your VIP Status to level 6. It’s achievable when you invest all of the gems that you get from upgrading your City Hall and completing the objectives to your VIP Status.

Upon reaching VIP Level 6, you will unlock a permanent second builder queue.

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Learn How to Chain-Farm Barbarians

This is a little bit tricky since you need a primary commander with multi-target active skill and stack them with infantry troops. Because the infantry troops are slow and tanky, they are suitable for farming experience in groups.

You can save your action points by dispatching an army to attack a barbarian group. Then drag your army to the next group. When your commander activates their active skill, they will hit barbarian groups next to them and pull them into combat.

You do not expend any action points for doing this and it’s a quick way to level up your commanders.

Do Expedition Mode

One of the easiest ways to play Rise of Kingdoms for free is to do Expedition Mode. This campaign mode is the fastest way to level up your commanders.

Go to the menu tab on the lower right screen and tap on campaign. Then navigate to Expedition Campaign and start hitting the stages to 3 stars.

Rewards are reset on daily basis and you collect all of them with one click. There’s so much tome books that makes leveling quick and easy. Commanders gains more power as you further level them.

Join Top Alliances

It’s pretty easy to join top alliances in Rise of Kingdoms and one of the smartest moves any free-to-play player can make. You will be surprised by how willing they are to take in new players.

Whether you are an experienced or new player, you will get tons of rewards such as daily gifts from whales, accelerated alliance technologies and even boosts for gathering.

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Don’t forget that top alliances control shrines, altars, temples and other holy sites that give alliance-wide buffs. They do make you stronger, so it’s definitely a smart idea to join one of these top alliances.

Create a Mini Farming Account

This isn’t actually illegal at all. The game developers of Rise of Kingdoms did intend this to become an important game function and that’s pretty cool on their part.

Basically, a mini farming account feeds your primary city through sending resources. To do this, you need to navigate to your governor profile and tap on settings.

Then go to character management and you will see the option to create a new character. Tap to create a new character and max out your mini farming account with a City Hall level 11.


That’s all folks, be sure to take advantage of these tips to play Rise of Kingdoms for free. If you need more advanced or in-depth guides for this game. Then be sure to check out the biggest Rise of Kingdoms guides on the Internet for all of your gaming needs. Happy ruling, governors!

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