How to Plan the Best Company Anniversary Event?

Best Company Anniversary Event

Company anniversary events are quite special as this event marks the growth of the company, and its success is celebrated among the employees and guests. Throwing a grand anniversary celebration is a perfect way to bring everyone together and enjoy the success of the company and its previous accomplishments.

Company anniversary events don’t only inspire your current employees but also leave a strong impact on everyone in the industry, including your competitors. It is an excellent way to promote your company in the market to your customers and future employees as it shows that the company values its employees and plans fun events for keeping them happy.

Simple Steps to Help You Plan an Amazing Company Anniversary Event

Company anniversary events can be challenging when it comes to planning. Here are some simple and straightforward steps on how to host a fantastic company anniversary event.

1. Pick a date and venue

Thinking about hosting your company anniversary event? If yes, then the first thing that you must ask yourself is when you want to host the event, i.e., on the exact day of the anniversary or a few days later. A good option is to host your event on the weekends or Friday, so it suits everyone. Make sure the event date is a good fit before you start sending your invites and book your venue.

As for the venue, there are plenty of unique venues, especially in Dubai, for hosting your company’s anniversary event. For example, there are plenty of venues and meeting spaces in the infamous Burj Al Arab that would be perfect event spaces for your corporate gathering. Therefore, consult event companies in Dubai ahead of time to book your ultimate venue with a great skyline view or a rooftop venue.

2. Figure out a theme

After carefully selecting the venue for your event, you need to consider how you want your attendees to feel at the event. You need to select a theme and plan fun activities for your attendees accordingly. For example, if you are planning on a fancy and classical event, then make it interesting by making the “black tie optional” and having your employees wear something fancy.

Similarly, if you are thinking about something unconventional, then you can also host a costume party and make it more fun. Opt for a theme that will get people out of their daily business routine so they can have fun. There are multiple themes that you can make a choice from, like Halloween, James Bond, Cinco de Mayo, etc.

3. Have a Special Performance for Your Attendees

If you are thinking about celebrating your company anniversary in such a way that your employees feel happy, then you need to think about some fun and engaging activities. This way, your employees and attendees will enjoy themselves and not feel like they are in their office. One such great activity is planning a special performance from a famous musician or a local band.

You can also have a karaoke section and have employees or an executive who has a hidden talent to perform on stage. It will be something that your employees will talk about after the event is over. Similarly, make videos and share them on social media to drive engagement.

4. Decor

For your company anniversary event to be a success, you need to consider your event décor and plan something aesthetically appealing and comfortable. When it comes to venue decor, you need to smart about it. Focus on areas that your attendees spend most of their time. For example, your guests need an attractive and clean bar for cocktails instead of heaps of flowers and roses.

Similarly, to create an effect of drama at the event, you can have a unique centerpiece for your event. Instead of going for expensive flowers, you can use monochromatic blooms for decorations and also consider using plants to warm-up space. Instead of industrial lights, think about using candles and low lights for dramatic effects.

5. Consider Menu and Catering

Another important aspect of your event is the menu and catering. One great way to increase engagement and host an excellent event is to have a unique menu that your attendees will love. For example, instead of going with the traditional chicken menu and dishes, you can arrange BBQ or a different cuisine like French, Mexican, Chinese, Asian, Italian, Thai, etc.

There are countless options when it comes to choosing a catering style for your event. For example, you can have a tray serving, platter system, or a buffet. For a unique experience, you can also opt for live cooking for your attendees and food trucks so they can choose their meals. If you want excellent catering for your event, then consider hiring event companies in Dubai for flawless catering and delicious foods.

Ready to Hold an Amazing Anniversary Party!

Following these tips will ensure that your next company anniversary event is a total success. Your company anniversary event can be the most rewarding event for your employees and your guests, so make sure to plan it diligently and give your employees something to look forward to. Since everyone is coming together to celebrate the growth of the company, so your company anniversary event will have a lasting impression on your competitors and employees.

Instead of hosting traditional events inside a ballroom, let’s spice things up this year and host a fantastic company anniversary event at unique venues, so your guests keep talking about it even after the event.