How to Pick the Best Axe for Splitting Wood


Axes have been around in the world for several years. Over the last few years, the axes are gaining popularity in this world for its useful purposes. People are also using the axe for various kinds of purposes. The axes are widely used for felling large trees, splitting firewood, and cutting small-sized to medium-sized clogs. With the advent of plenty of axes, the woodcutters, homeowners, and the outdoor enthusiasts are often feeling difficulties in choosing the best axe. This post clearly explains each and everything you need to know about the axes for splitting woods in a brief manner.

Different types of axes:

As I already told you, the axes come in different types. Each type of axe can be used for different purposes. This section clearly describes the different types of axes and its purposes in a detailed manner.

Felling axes:

Felling axe is a kind of axe which is most commonly used for felling trees. This kind of axe is featured with the thin and sharp blade which in turn we can easily cut the wood deeply in a single strike. Moreover, by using this felling axe, we can easily cut the branches of the tree. 

Hudson Bay Axes:

When comparing to felling axes, this kind of axe is featuring with the small head and handle. This kind of axe is otherwise known as ¾ axes and it weighs less so it is easy to carry this axe wherever we would like to go. It is ideal for cutting small-sized to medium-sized clogs in an efficient manner.

Young man chopping woods with an axe

Splitting Mauls:

This is the third most common type of axe which is designed with the wedge-shaped head which in turn we can easily cut logs. It is also featured with the straight handle which offers great grip and also perfect for splitting woods in an efficient manner.

Broad Axes:

This kind of axes is most commonly used in woodworking. It is designed to cut the rounded edge of woods in an efficient manner. 

Carpenter’s Axes:

Like the broad axes, the carpenter’s axes are playing a major role in the woodworking field. This kind of axe can be easily used by a single hand. And, it is also effective to use this tool for cutting the hardest woods. 

What to look for?

These are some of the most common types of axes found in the marketplace today. Hope, you’ve gained more knowledge about the different types of axes and its purposes in a detailed manner from this section. Next, we’re going to discuss the factors need to consider while purchasing the best axe for splitting wood.

  • Consider the purpose of the axe:

Decide yourself for what purpose you’re going to buy the axe. If you like to buy the axe for splitting firewood, then it is best to buy the splitting axe. Or, you want to cut clogs and felling trees, and then it is best to buy a felling axe.

  • Size of the wood:

Think well about the size of the wood before going to buy the axe for you. Some axes are best for cutting small clogs and others are best for cutting medium-sized to large-sized clogs. So, the choice is yours for choosing the best axe. The axe which is 17 inches long is perfect for cutting small logs and the one which is more than 28 inches long is best for cutting medium-sized to large-sized clogs.

  • Quality:

The quality of the axe is also important to consider so only you can easily cut the tough woods too. 

I hope you’ve gained a lot of knowledge about the different types of axes through this post.

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