How to Nail the Boho Beach Style in 2021


As summer rolls in and the days get hotter, so does the fashion. Are you looking forward to spending your days lounging on the beach? Now is the perfect time to start planning your summer style.

This season, boho beach style is all the rage. From chic and flowy dresses to effortless hairstyles, the boho look is sure to turn heads.

To learn more on all the top trends to master the beach boho look for all your summertime outings, read on for our basic guide.

  1. Flowy Maxi Dresses

One of the staples in any boho lover’s wardrobe is a long, flowy dress. Inspired by 1960’s hippie fashion, the maxi dress is a comfortable and trendy choice.

This boho-style beach dress is perfect to throw on over a swimsuit or dress up with a pair of wedges. Many beautiful maxi dresses come in unique patterns like paisley print and floral or are made from crochet materials. If you enjoy a more minimalistic look, maxi dresses also look on-trend in solid neutral colors.

Simple maxi dresses can also often make for the perfect beach wedding dresses for a boho style. This style gives off an ethereal and casual vibe that looks flattering on any body type.

  1. 1970’s-Inspired Bell Bottoms

Another top piece to have in any boho-inspired closet is bell bottoms or flared pants. This trend is perfect for a laid-back and stylish beach look.

While you might not want to wear denim jeans to the beach, bell bottoms and flared pants come in a wide variety of materials and prints. Some of the top styles for beach cover-ups come in materials like mesh, satin polyester, or cotton. This can allow you to feel cool and comfortable in the sun without compromising your style.

Consider pairing platform wedges or sandals with your bell bottoms and flared pants. Click here for more on how to find the best beach sandals for the summer.

  1. Accessories Galore

Whether you’re walking the beach at sunset or grabbing a quick snack between surf sessions, accessories can take your look to the next level. In any beautiful boho-style outfit, there is no lack of color, patterns, jewelry, and hairpieces. Accessories can help you show off your unique personality and style this summer.

Consider wearing simple layered necklaces and mixing metals for a more eye-catching look. You might also consider wearing layered bracelets and rings made with charms, clay, or twine. Another popular accessory perfect for boho beach fashion is dangling earrings made with feathers or beads.

Finally, to accessorize your hair, bandeaus and hair wraps keep your hair in place and on-trend all day long. These accessories come in many bright colors and patterns to match all your boho outfits.

Experiment With Your Boho Beach Style

Summer is the perfect time to reinvent your style and experiment with different looks. The boho beach style is sure to make you feel confident, comfortable, and on-trend this season.

Did you enjoy learning about our top staples for a beautiful boho style? For other helpful articles on all things fashion, lifestyle, and more, be sure to check out the rest of our website.