How To Make Different Varieties Of Samosas Even At Home?


Nothing can match the taste of samosa this Indian snack is a favorite for most. Even if you imagine samosa you can evident that your mouth is filled with water. It tastes like heaven and you can’t stop once you start eating. But this lockdown collapsed everything and exactly all will crave for this snack.

But needless to worry simply search Rusk Media (LIT) YouTube channel to watch the Samosa Cooking Challenge video. This video has taken the samosa challenge to the next level. All because the challenge was taken by two popular celebs one is Abhishek Thakur who is a comedian, artist, and multi-talented Instagram fame.

The next one is Rohit Saluja who is also a famous comedian actor. He is TikTok fame and he has done shows with various celebrities as well. The goal of Living In Trend is to treat your eyes with some trending and colorful videos. The reason for the cooking challenge videos is to give you guys some ideas on the topmost dishes that you eat on your day to day life.

 When comes to samosa so many varieties out there. In this video, these guys took Pizza Samosa vs Samosa Chaat challenge. Rohit loves cheese so he has chosen Pizza samosa Abhishek will do another type of samosa.

What’s so special?

If you ask this question then here comes the answer. Both these boys will do the food challenge on their house with the proper ingredients that want to include for a crispy and tasty samosa. Alongside the samosa recipe of both these peoples will be shown up in this video. Thus you will get the ideas to make these two types of samosa even at your home.

Abhishek is making a samosa chaat recipe he will explain to you the ingredients that are added and to make you clear the direction to do also screened in the video. Thereby you all set to prepare samosa quickly. You will get the ways to make two types of samosa by watching one food challenge India from LIT.

Also more than watching the usual cookery video foodie we challenge video is somewhat funny and you can get acquaintance of making different samosa’s from different people. Once after they have done making samosa then will give it to the family members to score the taste. Family members of both these celebs will react to the taste.

Thus you can get some idea from this eating challenge of making a variety of samosas. With this Cook-Off challenge video, you will help you easily make it. That’s why take a look at the eat treat food challenge from LIT. You know once after you watch this video segment then you will get the confidence to make the samosa.

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