How to make a train journey more convenient?


Most travelers prefer traveling by trains over planes. Not only do trains have a better view outside the window, but also come with a lot more comfortable. However, being stuck to a seat for long hours can be a bit difficult.

Here are a few things you can do to make your train journey more convenient: 

Choose the right seat:

When you have to be in the same seat for a long time, it must be the right one.

Window seats are what is more appealing to most travelers than the others, not only in planes but on trains as well. However, the scenery outside the windows of a train is more likely to be worth seeing.

Several trains have front-facing seats as well as rear-facing ones. It’s better to go with front-facing ones that allow you to see where you are going if you are prone to motion sickness.

However, if you are not able to choose the right seat for some reason, you can always try for an upgrade.

Choose the right bags:

The luggage restrictions on trains are less than those on planes, which is one of the best things about travelling by trains. Hence while travelling by trains you do not need to stuff all your belongings into a small-sized bag to avoid fees.

However, you need to choose the right sized bags as you may not only have to carry them through the train station but also lift it to the overhead luggage rack, depending on the train.

It’s also better to have a smaller bag that can be kept close to you to store valuable items and medications.

Carry props:

Though some travellers find standard trains seats comfortable, that may not be the case with you as train seats mostly don’t suit passengers of all height and size. Hence it’s important to pack some props along with your luggage.

If your legs are short, you can try packing props like an inflatable footrest to keep your legs from dangling the whole time.

If you have tailbone or lower back problems, you should try packing a lumbar support pillow or an inflatable seat cushion.

In case you are taking an overnight train journey, you should try packing a cosy blanket and an inflatable travel pillow.

Wear comfortable clothes:

Train journeys can take quite a few hours. Hence to make it more convenient, you should try wearing comfortable clothes, especially when travelling on an overnight train. It’s better to keep the tight skinny jeans and high heels at bay and opt for soft, stretchy, and relaxed fit clothes.

Carry your own entertainment:

A train journey can get boring after a certain point if you do not have anything to keep yourself entertained. Hence, when traveling by train, you should always try to carry some entertainment with you.

When speaking of entertainment on the train, the first thing that comes to mind is an electronic device, like laptops or tablets, stocked with all your favourite movies and music. You can also try carrying low-tech forms of entertainment, such as a pack of cards, books, or some travel games.

Block out the world:

As appealing the scenery outside the windows of a train is, once it gets dark or you need a nap, you might want to block out the world for some time.

A nice sleep mask and a pair of earplugs can help you in blocking out both the overhead lights as well as all the surrounding noises. You can also try noise-canceling headphones if you like falling asleep to music.

Carry your own snacks:

Though most upscale long route trains include gourmet food, the food on the not so upscale ones can be less appetizing. Hence carrying your own snacks for train journeys is a better idea.

Unlike on planes, there are no rules for liquids and gels on the trains. Hence you can take food items like hummus or yoghurt with you in a small travel cooler when traveling by train.

If you want to save yourself some money, it is better to carry your own prefilled water bottle too.

After having a long and convenient journey on a train, freshening up a bit will help you feel all the more comfortable.

I’m Sanu Singh Kumar. I love to read and share travel-related information. Now you can check your PNR status online live by using your mobile phone.