How to Lower the Repair Cost of your Vehicle

Salisbury auto body shop

Owning a vehicle has never been an easy affair, especially for the common people, as everything related to a vehicle, starting from its purchase to running, from maintenance to repair work are all expensive. Though in this article, we can’t help you in eliminating such expenses, but we can surely say, that it will help you to lower the costs of the repairs. It is from an experienced mechanic of a famous auto body repair shop in Salisbury, from whom we gathered these useful insights.

Choose Dealership Service Centers

It is not always the case that every time you go for a repair work will be expensive. Rather, it gets expensive when you have to repeat the repair work again and again. So, if you can manage to get an effective repair work done even at an apparently higher cost, it will actually save you a lot of money, as you won’t need to visit the auto body shop very soon.

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That’s why choosing to take your car to a dealership service center is always recommendable, as there will always be certified mechanics who will touch your car, but will charge substantially lower hourly rates, while going to independent garages wither won’t guarantee that, or even if they employ certified and licensed mechanics, their hourly charge will be much higher, as they will include part of their establishment cost and the expenditure on certified mechanics into your bill. On the other hand, since a dealership earns more from selling cars, they can afford to maintain a team of professionals with much more lenience and hence won’t charge the customers who come to their service centers for a repair work.

Knowing the Types of Rates

Usually the rates that are charged for repairing a vehicle is done either on a “straight hourly basis” or as “book rate.” While the rates based on straight hourly basis will bill you on the amount of time they will invest on your vehicle, while rates based on a book rate will charge the customer to pay for the amount of time that the book estimates for a particular repair work. To lower the overall repair cost we would recommend to go for straight hourly basis, as that will most likely follow a certain standard.

Prices Per Part

Depending upon the parts that will be used to repair your vehicle, a bill can be made as well. Garages purchase parts at a wholesale prices and then mark-up the parts used for repairs. If you find an auto body shop that will allow you to purchase the parts to be used for the repair, do make good use of this opportunity as you will pay only for the parts and a minimal service charge to get your car repaired, reveals the expert whom we met at the famous Salisbury auto body shop.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to lowering the cost of your vehicle repairs, the first easy way out will be to keep it well maintained by following your maintenance schedule strictly. But it can be only complimented and made effective if you drive your car will less aggression.

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