How to light a charcoal barbecue easily


King of summer and of festivities with friends and family, the barbecue is the product that ensures unforgettable moments in the garden. 

Alas, light a charcoal barbecue wood can be a chore for some and not for others, not get discouraged more! We explain how to light the barbecue fire with ease.

Method 1: classic ignition

Classic lighting : a method for lighting a best charcoal barbecue known to all, but unfortunately not mastered, this method requires dry kindling or newspaper. Just place the newspaper in the tub and cover it with the small dry wood branches. Light the newspaper, it will set fire to the kindling. Finally, pour the charcoal over everything. This simple method is also longer. Allow at least 30 minutes before you can cook your grills.

Method 2: Chimney style

The first method did not guarantee you a great success, you are given a second method: the fireplace ignition.

This lighting technique involves placing a bottle in the tank and then wrapping it with newspaper. This will create a newspaper fireplace. Then pour the charcoal into the bowl, making sure to place the charcoal on the newspaper stack. Then remove the bottle. All you have to do is light the bottom of your fireplace with a long match.

Method 3: With fire starters

The use of fire-lighter cubes . It is recalled that the use of gasoline or a flammable liquid is to be avoided in methods of lighting the best lump charcoal. Fire starter cubes provide easy and less dangerous lighting. Are you more green? Opt for ecological fire starters, these balls of natural fibers leave no chemical tastes or odors.

The method is simple. Place the cubes in the bowl and cover with kindling. Light the fire. Once the fire has taken well, the charcoal can be poured in.

Method 4: The easiest, the chimney starter

The use of a very practical barbecue accessory called the starter fireplace . This barbecue accessory really makes it possible to light a charcoal barbecue without any effort.

This tool is made of metal with holes for vents and air intakes located at its base. It is also equipped with a handle for easy handling without risk of burns.

Place fire starter cubes then position over the barbecue fireplace filled with charcoal. Light the fire and let it go. The fire will spread through the chimney thanks to the air intake and the various holes in the chimney.

essential barbecue accessories and utensils

Having become essential in our garden, the barbecue, whether gas or charcoal, has seen its use diversify. Once used to grill meat and sausages, barbecues have become real little cookers capable of preparing dishes like in an indoor kitchen.


Here is a small list of BBQ accessories and utensils that will help you get started with your cooking appliance:

1 – The barbecue tongs : it is surely the tool of choice for cooking on the barbecue! It offers the advantage of being able to handle the pieces of meat without piercing them and reducing the loss of juice . The ends of the tongs are wide and should grip the meat flexibly. The barbecue tongs should also be long so that they don’t burn yourself and strong to support the weight of the meat.

2 – The barbecue spatula : because we do not cook on the barbecue only meat, but also fish or vegetables, the barbecue spatula allows you to handle them without damaging them too much. Thin, long or wide , it must be able to turn the fish completely so as not to break it into pieces.

3 – Anti-heat gloves : of course, the barbecue is a cooking appliance where the risk of burns is high. Handling over embers and fire as well as the use of hot cooking accessories are not without danger. Quality gloves will help you avoid accidents. Different pairs of gloves exist and have limitations in terms of heat protection . Glove or mitt, the advantage goes to the glove, which offers better dexterity when using utensils.

4 – A barbecue cleaner : cooking on the barbecue can get messy. Whether it’s the grill or the barbecue itself, a cleaner will allow you to regularly clean your appliance and keep it longer.

5 – The cleaning brush : a good brush is essential for cleaning the cooking grid. Steel bristles for a stainless steel grid and brass bristles for a cast iron grid , the essential is to have one for brushing before and after each use of your grid. Choose a brush made of stainless steel or with a more durable wooden handle.