How to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate and Increase Revenue

Improve Website Conversion Rate and Increase Revenue

Website’s Conversion Rate

Irrespective of whether you use a website designing company in India or anywhere else in the world, you would need to ensure that your website can convert visitors into customers. The various website design company in India follow these parameters to for website improvement. 

Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate and Increase Revenue by incorporating the following:

Don’t Bull Shit

Pretentious content or beating around the bush can put customers off. Customers don’t like to be patronized. Keep the content on your website lucid, concise and useful. Descriptions about the product or service should be such that customers across the spectrum can understand what you wish to convey.

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Use top-notch images

Visiting a website with poor quality images can be a major turn off. High-quality images help brands achieve a favourable perception. High definition images are sacrosanct if you are running an e-commerce business as users tend to zoom in and check out product images thoroughly.

Enable a chatting tool

A survey conducted by an online marketing research firm revealed that more than 42% of users preferred a live chat option to resolve queries while shopping. 60% of customers prefer shopping from websites which offer the option to chat. Customers feel satisfied and tend to remain loyal as they feel that the brand offering a chat option cares for them and is keen to help them at every stage.

Offer discounts while checking out

When customers are checking out, offer a time-bound discount on their next purchase. This would create a sense of urgency for customers to visit your website again and shop. You may also offer free shipping instead of a discount.

Define USP clearly

Your customers wish to know what makes you different from others. So emphasize on your Unique Selling Points. Highlight these aspects. Don’t be afraid about showcasing something different – which hasn’t been shown by your competitors or generally by others in the industry. Chances are, your website visitors would easily recall your unique content.

Offer your customers a tunnel vision

A distracted customer would bounce off your website. Create a well-defined sales funnel that would seamlessly guide the customer from browsing to check out. Remove distracting elements such as navigation bars and needless CTA buttons.

Embed strong call to action

Think of your website as a guide. It has to be constantly guiding users on what needs to be done next. A clear call to action will inform users what they need to do next. Use the psychology of colours and fonts in creating CTAs. For instance, the colour red indicates urgency.

Meet expectations

The content on your landing page must be relevant to the content on your ads. Interestingly,  customers can figure out within five seconds whether there is a mismatch between what was being shown to them in an ad and what has been posted on the landing page. 

Establish credibility 

Include reviews, testimonials along with several other trust elements such as certifications granted by reputed bodies. These play a critical role in gaining a user’s trust and thereby leading to conversions. 

Create a sense of scarcity

If you have a popular product on your website, keep users informed about how many are in stock. For example Order now, only 4 left in stock. A user who wishes to purchase a product might not delay any further and instead purchase it.

Keep tracking and testing

Only trust data. Keep testing multiple hypotheses. If you feel a certain type of font type or colour works better, then test it out. If you feel web overlays can deliver better conversions, implement them. However, keep tracking and testing.

Credible website development companies should be able to help your business by assisting you with all these different methods of improving website conversions. This would eventually lead to an increase in business revenue.

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