How to Hire the Best Tax Lawyer in Your Area

Tax law concept. Words "TAX LAW" with judge's gavel and money on the table. Top view.

When it only takes one mistake to wreck a legal case, the last thing you want to do is go at things alone. It’s even more true when you’re dealing with taxes. You aren’t only looking at a payout for an injury — you’re trying to resolve tax issues so you don’t pay more money than necessary.

You need to find the best tax lawyer if you want to get the best advice you can. Below are the steps you need to take to learn how to hire an attorney to handle your tax issues.

Find a Specialist

The tax code is a complex subject, and it covers many different types of taxes. The chances are good that you don’t need a generalist that only has surface-level knowledge of everything.

When you’re looking for a tax lawyer, find someone with specialized knowledge in what you need. Whether it’s business, personal, or charity tax law, there are specialists out there that can handle what you need.

Look for Someone Who Has Handled Similar Cases

Even if find a specialist for your particular needs, there are still many edge cases in those tax cases. If you have a unique situation, a specialist may not have handled something similar in the past.

It pays to work with someone who has handled similar cases before. Ask about similar cases someone has dealt with before and the outcome they produced.

Check for a Personality Fit

While an experienced tax attorney might have the skills to handle a job, that doesn’t mean they’re great to work with. Some lawyers have challenging personalities. If you need to work well with the people you hire, it will make for a miserable experience for you.

Make sure you watch the personality traits of attorneys when you’re interviewing them for the job. You want someone that’s both pleasant to work with and can give you the results you need.

Investigate Legal Fees

Hiring a tax attorney isn’t going to be cheap. Good attorneys cost a lot, so you need to do your due diligence when looking at attorney fees.

If you have a small tax issue, you might be able to get away with an hourly fee. However, if you have a bigger problem that will take time to resolve, you’ll need to look at other fee structures, so you don’t spend more than necessary on hourly fees.

Examine Reviews

Even if a tax specialist comes off as knowledgeable, that doesn’t always mean they’re great at what they do. Someone can have a lot of theoretical knowledge but not know how to put it to use.

That’s where looking for reviews helps. An experienced tax attorney will have plenty of positive reviews on review websites. Search for local attorneys to find the ones that others have had good experiences with.

Finding the Best Tax Lawyer Takes Work

You can’t afford to take action on bad advice when you’re dealing with your taxes. Finding the best tax lawyer is essential if you want to get your problems solved correctly. Follow the steps above to find a lawyer you can help with taxes.

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