How to Hire a Painter for Your Home – 5 Basic Tips


Now is a great time to make some improvements to your home. Some things you can add to your weekend projects list. Others you’ll want to leave to a pro.

House painting is one of those things you should utilize the skills of a professional. How to hire a painter is quite simple. Enter house painter near me in the Google search engine for the best results. Or you can get recommendations from people you know.

A third option is to use a home services app.

Once you have a painter in mind, there are other things to consider. Keep reading for five basic tips for hiring a residential painter.

1. Why Do You Need to Know How to Hire a Painter?

Painting may seem like a simple process. Get some rollers, paint, and have at it. There’s more to painting than most people imagine. To get the job done right, you need to understand coloring, priming, and choosing the right tools for the painting surface.

You’ll also need to know the difference between exterior and interior painting. These are only a few reasons to hire a residential painter for your project.

2. Choose Someone Who’s Licensed and Bonded

Anytime you’re having work done on your home, you should consider hiring a contractor. When doing so, always choose someone who is licensed and bonded. This is to protect yourself from unscrupulous characters who may not have the skills to do the job.

You also want to have recourse if the job doesn’t have the outcome you desire.

3. Do a Complete Walk-Around 

When hiring a painter, do a complete walk-around to point out the areas you want to be painted. Hire a home painter who is attentive and makes suggestions to repair problem areas. You don’t want someone who’ll paint over imperfections that require a stucco or plaster repair.

4. Get an Itemized Estimate

Before committing to a residential painter, get itemized estimates from at least three companies. Your estimates should outline:

  • who’ll purchase the paint
  • protection of property and shrubbery
  • removal of furniture, wall decor, outside furniture, etc.
  • timeframe
  • price and method of payment

These are important elements but could include other vital components of the job.

5. Make Color Selections Together

If you’ve ever seen a color palette, you know it’s important to choose the right color. Types of paint are also essential. Regardless of who is making the paint purchase, work with your painter to choose the right colors and finish.

The Color Will Look Great on Your Home

Understanding how to hire a painter will go a long way in getting your home an updated look. Work with your painter to ensure you’re both on the same page and the colors you selected are what you’re getting.

Once the job is finished Animedao Safe, your home is sure to have great curb appeal.

Updating or changing the color of your home, whether interior or exterior, is a great home improvement project. For more ideas and trending topics, continue to browse our home and decor section.