How to Hire a Housekeeper (Because It’s Time to Lighten Your Load)

how to hire a housekeeper

24.2% of all office workers in America’s ten largest cities are now back in the office full time. As COVID-19 vaccination efforts increase, it won’t be long until we all return.

Does that thought fill you with trepidation? While we focused on what we lost over the past year, working from home has its advantages. Keeping the house clean is way easier!

You’ll need help. Have you considered hiring a housekeeper? They’ll keep your house tidy and help lighten your load once you go back to work.

Read on to learn more about how to hire a housekeeper.

What Services Do You Need?

You want to know how to hire a full-time housekeeper. First, you have to figure out what services you need.

Have you let your house cleaning chores get away from you? You might consider deep cleaning services.

The services you need depend on several factors.

  • How much time are you away from home
  • Children and pets
  • House size
  • Valuables

Your circumstances and your budget determine what you’ll need from a housekeeper.

Where to Hire a Housekeeper?

You ask, “How to hire a housekeeper near me?” Housekeepers are independent proprietors, or they work for larger cleaning companies. Each has its advantages.

An independent housekeeper may be more flexible and have less expensive rates. A housekeeper hired through a cleaning company follows a strict protocol and answers to management.

No matter what, make sure your housekeeper or cleaning company carries the proper insurance. Accidents happen, and you don’t want to be on the hook for injuries or broken items.

Do Research

Research is a vital step for how to hire a full-time housekeeper. Do an internet search and read reviews. After you’ve narrowed your candidates, get them on the phone.

How much does it cost to hire a housekeeper? It depends on the housekeeper and the services you need. Inquire about pricing and get quotes.

If you can, talk to your friends and family about the services they use. People you trust are a great resource for finding a housekeeper.

Conduct Interviews

Interviews are a crucial aspect for how to hire a live-in housekeeper or any other type. Your housekeeper is your employee. Consider the following tips when conducting housekeeper interviews:

  • What’s their experience
  • What do they like about the job
  • What draws them to the work
  • Inquire about insurance
  • Ask for references
  • Perform a criminal background check

Make sure to call all references. You might be in a hurry to hire, or you might be impressed with a candidate’s personality. That’s not enough.

You’re entrusting your home and your possessions with a stranger. You have to find out if they’re trustworthy and skilled.

Negotiate Pay

A live-in housekeeper will want a salary. Daily or weekly cleaners might ask for a flat fee or an hourly rate depending on the job. It’s up to you to negotiate a price that works for your budget and your employee.

How to Hire a Housekeeper

It won’t be long until we’re all back to work. When that time comes, you’ll need some help keeping your house tidy. Follow these tips for how to hire a housekeeper and ease your burden!

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