How to Have a Perfect Indian Wedding In UK?

Indian Wedding Consultant

The first question that comes to the mind of people who live in the UK but are Indians or are planning to get married in the UK to some English man is how would the marriage be? Can we have an Indian wedding? Should we do a mix of traditions? How would I be able to arrange for the materials required for an Indian wedding? Everything, even if I would find would be too costly here in UK. Isn’t it?

Take a deep breath, We have got you covered. Things must have been really tricky for you but from here things are going to get better!

Hire an Indian Wedding Consultant

Indians are hopping on to this feasible way to have an Indian wedding in UK. In this, you can get in touch with the Indian wedding consultant that cannot only guide you on how to do what there but also arrange things for your wedding even the lehenga, the souvenirs, and decor from India for you. So, now that you know the right option to choose that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, let us start to look at the other important attributes that we must understand!

Hindu wedding- It is a lively union of two people that is done during ‘Phera’ time by tying a knot forever. The celebration can start and from 6-11 days. Besides, main celebrations can be done at different location and themes.

What is the need?

You may think of it sometimes. Right? Here are some of the things that make it worth the expenditure. Make sure you read each one of them.


There’s something about the wedding attires and the jewellery you just cannot ignore about Indian weddings. They are ethereal. Finding such outfits in the UK would be difficult because people don’t wear heavy embroidery or studded work there. So, it is best that you get in touch with an Indian wedding consultant to buy you a nice lehenga for the day.


It is extravagant, it is loud, it is what makes you shake a leg even if you are a non-dancer. No marriage is complete without dance in India. It would be great if you could get an Indian DJ in the UK or let an Indian wedding consultant arrange for you.

You can also get a live band, don.t forget to keep a dance songs list ready and also decide on the songs the bride and groom will make the entry on. When done right, it will feel blissful!


This is considered a sacred place for marriage. The mandap is where the bride and groom take pheras. In this area, the pandit ji murmurs some sacred chants and makes both of them make promises to each other while they take seven rounds keeping Agni, Jal and Vaayu as their witnesses.

Nonetheless, another best part is the food it is mouthwatering. There is a lot of variety as well. Finding a good caterer in the UK is a task though. All in all, your Indian wedding consultant is the key to hosting a perfect wedding ceremony in the UK!