How to get your Dog used to traveling by car


If we want to enjoy a trip with our dog, it is necessary that riding in a car associates it with a positive and natural experience. That he travels and is relaxed is something that we will have to take charge of, otherwise it will be a very stressful situation for him and over time it will worsen. Therefore, it is very important to get used to it from the beginning both in what the vehicle itself is, the movement and the carrier, since you must always meet the necessary requirements to travel with pets.

In addition to attending to the travel requirements of your pet, remember that you as a traveler must inform yourself of the recommendations and obligations depending on the destination, including travel insurance with guarantees of medical assistance, medical transport and repatriation, situations that could lead to a large outlay abroad.

Tips for traveling by car with your dog

Like children, puppies absorb everything better and are more flexible. An adult dog has a harder time changing his habits and having new experiences. For this reason, the sooner we start to put our dog in the car and have a Dog seat Cover, the sooner it will learn that it is a good and positive thing, and therefore to be calm.

The best thing, in any case, is to make short trips at the beginning and gradually lengthen the distance. End the trip somewhere your dog likes, like the park. This will associate it with a positive experience. Pamper her and reward her for her good behavior.


Before, during and after it acts in a calm way , without alterations, that the dog receives a feeling of calm and tranquility. Not because it is something new for him we should pay much more attention to it. In this way we will avoid altering it. If the dog is panting continuously or is salivating, it is because he is with bib

First of all, you have to teach him to get in and out of the car on his own , without forcing, unless he is a very small breed and does not reach. Also, try to get him used to not leaving the vehicle in dangerous places where, for example, more cars are driving.

When the dog is already inside, start the car and turn it off so that it gets used to the sound and vibration. Then, we will begin to move it little by little until it circulates, making short trips. Do not forget to check that the interior temperature is not above 23 degrees, that the dog has enough ventilation and that it does not get direct sun.

During the trip, make a stop every two hours so that you and your dog can stretch your body and take a breath. Take this opportunity to give him water and avoid dehydration . Never leave him alone in the car, least of all with the windows closed. Another factor to consider is the air freshener , since it can make our dogs uncomfortable if it is too strong for them. Try to make it a mild smell or remove it from tourism when you travel.
dog carrier

Since if we want to travel by train, boat or plane we must put our dog in a carrier , it is best to get him used to it as soon as possible, especially if it is a medium or large dog. Please note that the carrier must be large enough that it can stand upright.

Remove the top of the carrier and attach your bed or blanket so the dog can lie down. Reward with knick-knacks when you’re quiet in the carrier. Later, when it is done to the smell, to the touch and you see that it is one more place, add the top part, but do not close it. Throw some prizes inside and try to get the dog in and out without problem. Gradually move the cage door, and then close it for a few seconds. When you do, leave a prize in the carrier. Never force him into the cage, because you will cause aversion to feel trapped. Progressively leave the door closed longer. Never take him out if he is nervous or barking, reassure him with encouraging words and try not to stay locked more than four hours, two if he is a puppy.

If your dog manages to be in a state of tranquility during the journey, upon arrival at your destination he will feel just as calm, therefore he will accept the change of place better and enjoy more.

What other tricks can you recommend for the dog to travel by car comfortably?