How to Get Blocked Drains and Sewers Cleared Fast?


As far as clearing blocked drains is concerned, you may come up with a number of products, tools and equipment things to clean your pipes. Most of these DIY techniques are effective methods to get blocked drains and sewers cleared fast. But if you are not getting satisfying results with these methods, you can hire professional plumbers to get the problem resolved.

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Here is a list of things that you can use to keep all your drains and their linings safe. There are ways in which you can use the best DIY techniques and choose from the following to get your blocked drains and sewers cleared fast:

  • Use boiling water: Boiling water can be a great agent to get blocked drains and sewers cleared fast. It is extremely helpful in cleaning all the dirt, grime, and dust particles from the lining of the drains. Boiling water and detergent can be mixed in equal proportion and used to enhance the cleanliness of the drain lining. The heat can loosen the gunk in the ceramic pipes, and if you have installed the PVC pipes, you can use a non-oily base for clearing the matters very easily.

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  • DIY natural cleaner: Make a DIY natural cleaner by mixing baking soda and white vinegar in equal amounts. Using this mixture, you can have blocked drains and sewers cleared fast in the most perfect manner. The chemical reaction between sodium bicarbonate and vinegar gives rise to the production of oxygen, which can scald and corrode the internal lining of the pipes. The inside of the pipes should be flushed to an enormous extent to keep the pipes moisture-free and clean.
  • Caustic cleaner: Also known as the acidic cleaner, caustic cleaner is one of the best ways to keep the pipes in a spick and span order. There are many caustic cleaners that are readily available in the market and you should always go for the ones that are completely safe for your hands and face. Always try to buy chemical-free solutions that are soft for your hands and also give you a round-the-year protection.
  • Plunger: A plunger can be a useful tool to clear the dirt and debris in a blocked drain. It is the best possible way to clear a toilet within a very short span of time. When pressure gets created by the plunger, you get a whole lot of suction force that makes it possible for you to drag out and scoop out the dust and dirt or any other particles that are not conducive to the setting up of the pipes. A plunger can readily clear the pipes when it comes getting blocked drains and sewers cleared fast. Grease build-ups and mineral deposits that are generally hard to remove can very well be cleared with the help of a plunger.
  • Snake and CCTV: You can also buy a drain-cleaning snake with a CCTV that will be the best way to keep your pipes clean. The CCTV can easily detect the extent to which there is dirt and grime inside the pipe, and you can possibly use the best ways to clean the internal lining and the inside of the drain with the help of this drain cleaning snake.
  • Hydro jet: The hydro jet cleaning techniques keep all the dirt and grime at bay, as the complete force of water can clean the pipes in one go.

If you do not want to use the DIY methods or if they are not able to get your blocked drains and sewers cleared fast, then you can hire the best emergency plumbing service to get your drains in proper condition back again.

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