How to Fix A Garage Door Opener Like A Pro


A malfunctioning garage door is the worst possible thing when you are getting late from your office. A garage door needs proper care for the best performance because it has to face harsh weather conditions and effects of climate change. The collection of dust over lubricant initiates several garage door opener issues. The best time to fix your garage is when you start feeling a lag between your command and response. When you keep on refinishing a garage door, the Garage door works fine. If you are wondering how to fix your garage door opener, then use the following tips for the best results.

Fixing Garage Door Opener – Step By Step Guide

Diagnose the problem of garage door

Before you bring all the tools to fix your garage door, you need to know what’s wrong with your door. The answer to this question is very simple, you need to diagnose your door for opening issues. You need a basic inspection. Most of the time the problem is very little and you can fix it easily. For example, if your door doesn’t open after opener Installation, you can check if the power is connected. The objective in this phase is to fully understand what is causing the door opener’s unusual behavior.  

Fix the garage door remote

The most common problems are very easy to tackle. The remote control to open your garage rarely gets your attention for the battery control. The remote is a device that has very long-lasting batteries and people usually forget when they even replaced them. Bad remote can’t signal the opener to open the door. Most of the time it is the moisture that ruins your remote and your garage door opener doesn’t work. You can avoid moisture by hanging your keys in safe places. Good practices and care keep your remote functional. 

Inspect garage door sensors

The garage door opener doesn’t work alone; it works with a whole set of hardware to work properly. The sensors are a very important part of the garage door opener. It uses them to sense the distances and barriers. A common problem with the sensors is that their lens breaks because of various reasons. A broken lens has to be replaced by a professional and you better contact the company that you hired to install the door.  

Lubricate the garage door opening track

You can hire a professional to install garage door openers, but if it is your door opening track. It is made of hard material and doesn’t take damage easily. The track becomes rigid with time and doesn’t allow the door to slide correctly. Even if it receives a signal from the opener it can’t open the gate because it is stuck. Maybe it got rusty with the time and you need to lubricate it. In some cases, the opening cable needs to be replaced to tackle this issue.

Switch off the opener

Not all the problems have names and sometimes it happens with the garage door opener as well. Quite often when you come back from work and try to open the door and it doesn’t work. This is probably the time you get out of your car and switch your gate to manual control. Try to open the door manually, if it works perfectly, then it is better you call someone to service your garage door opener.

The garage is an important part of any household and serves best to protect your car. Having an automatic garage door is a luxury but it also comes with certain tradeoffs. A manual door might never have opening issues. The automatic door has a special mechanism and a very delicate opening system. The immediate concerns can be taken care of easily by reading the garage door opener manual. For detailed service, you should contact a professional.

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