How to Find the Perfect Gym For You


Finding the right & perfect gym that suits your needs is easier said than done. If you live in a busy city like Abu Dhabi, then looking for a gym and the services of a personal trainer that can meet your time schedule is quite a challenge. Having said that, you could employ the services of a well reputed personal trainer Abu Dhabi by taking membership in any of the upscale gyms. The city is home to plenty of them but you will want to ensure you find the best gym to get the best trainer.

Perfect Gym

Whether you are looking to lose weight or you just want to tone up your body, joining a gym is definitely rewarding. Therefore, when you are searching for a gym in your area make sure you choose the right one. The criteria for the best gym can vary from person to person, but generally a right gym should be budget-friendly, have good equipment and great personal trainers.

Furthermore, pay attention to these important things when you shortlist a gym for joining.


Location is of paramount importance and something you should think about. Try to find a gym near your home or workplace, which you can easily visit on a daily basis. If you sign up for a gym that is out of way then most probably you’ll stop going there soon. So, try to make working out convenient for you so you can do it with ease. Another important thing is to look for a gym that has flexible timings.


Budget is another major factor to consider while looking for a gym. Don’t go for a gym that is out of your price range that you cannot afford on a regular basis. Choose the best gym in Abu Dhabi that offers maximum value at minimum budget. A good way of managing your gym expenses is to take membership during the discount season. Once a year all best gyms across the globe introduce some discount membership which you can easily avail. Likewise, all the best gyms in Abu Dhabi offer discounts on memberships that you can utilize.

Similarly, you can also cut out extra expenses from your gym’s monthly fee. Don’t enrol in extra activities!

Check the Ambiance:

The environment of the gym matters a lot, before taking a membership, survey the facilities to get a feel for the place. Don’t just judge a book by its cover instead explore it properly. Try visiting the gym at the time on which you plan on going regularly. Some of the things that you should check include whether the gym is overcrowded and do they have enough space between equipment?

Apart from this, check the overall ambiance of the place, check the layout, number of members, cleanliness etc. These are some of the basic things that you should consider when you are surveying the gym. Moreover, try to visit the gym during peak hours to evaluate how much member traffic they have and how well they manage it.


Pay special to the type and number of equipment present in the gym as it is the main reason why you are joining. Know about the different types of equipment they will offer you, check the brand and condition of the machines present in the gym. Check out the type of weights they have, see the different sets of dumbbells. Examine their stretching areas as stretching will be an essential part of your workout routine. Other than this check how many different types of cardio machines they have and do the machines look new?


Before taking membership of a gym, meet the staff too. Also inquire with existing members about the behaviour and professionalism of the staff. Properly ask about the qualifications of the staff members and also meet the person who will be your instructor. It’s always wise to meet and have a small chat with them to get acquainted with each other. In addition, also inquire about other professional staff present in the gym. Do they have any first aid facilities available on sight? 

Personalised Training:

Lastly, check if they have any personal trainer facility or not. Most of the gyms nowadays offer personal training sessions where you can achieve your set goals much faster.