How to Download Photos from Instagram

How to download photos from Instagram

We live in an era of social networks. And it is not surprising that Instagram in their list occupies one of the leading positions. This is just a visual dream! Everything that happened to you or your friends can be shared in the form of photographs that depict food and sponges with ducks, bright moments and experiences.

And how often, when viewing someone else’s content, I want to save a photo or video, then to look, or even try to do something similar! The question arises, how to save a photo from Instagram? You can, of course, take a screenshot, but the quality will be lost, and the extra items in the photo are not needed. You can repost the photo from the tape to yourself in the “History” and leave it in the saved stories. But there are more convenient and simple ways to download photos from Instagram. Giz Tech Media is the best platform and Blog about tech tools and software information and knowledge.

How to download Instagram photos one by one

If we are talking about a single photo, you can use the simple web service The program will not require your money for downloading and installing. All you need is:

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  • Go to your favorite photo;
  • Download the photo link on Instagram;
  • Paste it into the field in the center of the IgVideoDownloader site;
  • Click Download and then Download Image will appear.

The service downloads the picture and opens it in a new tab. After that, you can simply download Instagram photos via the context menu like any other image on regular sites. The site is available for downloads both from a computer and from a phone with any operating system.

How to download photos from Instagram to a computer?

There are many useful services for Instagram. For example, a great 4K Stogram. It allows you to download selected photos from the linked Instagram accounts. There can be no more than two accounts, otherwise, you will have to pay. If you install the paid version, you can tie up an unlimited number of accounts and download photos from stories.

Next, you need to go to the user’s page and copy the link to his profile. The link must be inserted into the main field of the 4K Stogram application and downloading starts. Photos are then displayed on the site, where you can immediately view them or open them in the target folder of the computer.

How to download photos from Instagram to android?

FastSave – This application is loved by more than 10 million users. All because it is free and convenient to use. With FastSave, you can download photos and videos one at a time or save them to your phone. The application allows you to do even reposts.

Insta Download – the program is available without logging in to Instagram. You simply download the link of the photo you like and paste it into the main field of the application. Insta Download downloads it for yourself, and then you save it to your Android or tablet. You can even immediately post a photo to another social network or to Instagram.

QuickSave is a loyal assistant in downloading photos and videos for android. To upload a photo, you need to open QuickSave, find the photo on the Instagram you want to download and click Copy Share URL. Return to the application and click on the download button. Done.

Save and Repost – the application is similar to the above: it also easily downloads photos one at a time or several at once. But the paid version has a huge advantage – it allows you to upload media files to the cloud so as not to occupy the phone’s memory.

Regrann – takes one of the leading positions to download photos from Instagram. It is mainly used for reposts, but downloading is also available. The advantage of Regrann is that it works in the background and does not require an exit from Instagram. When leafing through Insta’s feed, you saw an interesting photo – click on its link, and Regrann automatically activates. You will be offered the choice of:

  • Save photo or video to the phone gallery;
  • Make a report;
  • Save for repost at another time;
  • Share in another social network.

The application is really one of the most convenient because you do not need to open several windows, exit Instagram, and therefore, there is no risk of losing your favorite photo.

How to save Instagram photos to the iPhone?

The problem with the iPhone is that applications for downloading photos from Instagram for iOS often disappear for unknown reasons, and then you can’t find them in the AppStore list. But several applications have worked well for iPhones, among them:

Rapid Save Reposter for Instagram – with its help, you can easily download photos and videos from Instagram to your iPhone.

InstaSaver is a more universal application for iOS. You must connect your Instagram account. Then find the necessary profile, the photo of which you want to download, and click the download icon in the upper right corner. In the pop-up window, select Batch Save and mark the necessary photos, then click on the download icon. InstaSaver is a free application for one account, if you want more, you will have to pay.

Save a photo from Instagram is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Simply select the necessary additional application in GooglePlay or AppStore and learn how to use it. It is important to pay attention to whether the system is paid so that later you will not be charged extra money.

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