How To Determine The Hair Transplant In Ludhiana Price?

hair transplant

A hair transplant is a common and only solution to some people. but the problem is that this is a very expensive process and that is why if you have been looking for a hair transplant in Ludhiana price then here are a few key things that you need to keep in mind. Several factors determine whether you should be going for a transplant or not and those are determined by the help of your physician.

The technique used determines the cost

When you go for hair transplant there are a number of the different processes involved. The process that you choose will determine the cost of the entire transplant. Usually most of the time the process is determined by the help of physicians involved but your budget can also play a role in it. Techniques like FUE are pretty advanced and that is why they cost more than the traditional techniques like the FUT method. If you want you can choose the FUT method since it is cheaper and still solving the process.

The extent of baldness determines the price of the process

The greater the extent of baldness the greater number of follicles that need to be transplanted. If you are a grade 3 or 4 then you will be requiring much fewer grafts and this will cost you less amount of money. If your baldness is beyond this extent then you will be accordingly requiring much more grafts and this will cost you more. So, if you have been searching for a hair transplant in Ludhiana price then now you know that this is the major factor responsible for determining the price.

Cost per graft in Ludhiana

It is a fact that several processes determine the price of the process. But here is a small fact about the cost per graph. The cost of a single hair follicle graft in Ludhiana ranges from 30 rupees to 50 rupees depending on the process that you choose and the complications that are involved in your condition.

Book an appointment online and get an estimate of the cost

Hair transplant is not the simplest process out there especially if you have any kind of complications like hypertension or high blood sugar. In that case, you should be reaching out to an experienced person. So, what you can do is to look out for the best transplant clinics in Ludhiana. You can easily book an appointment online. You can check the previous case histories of that particular clinic. So, make sure you put some efforts from your end to find the best possible clinic in Ludhiana. In the first appointment, only the doctor will be able to give you the estimated cost of the transplant process.

Thus, if you have been searching for a hair transplant in Ludhiana price then now you know the different factors that can decide the cost of the process. That is why it is very difficult to give you an estimate of the cost of a hair transplant without checking you in person.