How To Deal With A Fallen Tree In Your Backyard!


Wind, rain, hail, snow, or fire – any of them can make a tree fall to the ground. Although it does not happen very often, preventive measures offer great help to avoid big problems that it can cause. Especially if the specimen is in adulthood. This article outlines some best of those preventive measures and what to do if a tree falls? 

What You Can Do To Prevent Roof Damage From Trees 

Trim the tree: Trim all branches that are too close to the roof. It is better to ask an arborist to remove the protruding branches, as they can protect their roof while they work. Or you can use the same strategies you would use to protect your home and garden during roof installation. Also, if you find that you need to prune more than 25 percent of the tree, it may be better to remove the tree entirely. A tree that has experienced such extreme pruning is likely to die and fall.

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Pruning young trees: You can use pruning to control the growth of trees. You can prune young trees so that they only develop strong crotches (the junction between the branch and the trunk), which are less likely to break in storms.

Clean up debris: Remove debris from roof trees and gutters as soon as possible after they have fallen. If you have a tree that drops debris all year long, like a pine tree, you will have to clean the gutters and the roof every few months.

Cutting unstable trees: Trees that are unstable or seriously ill must be felled quickly before they have a chance to fall on their roof. However, first, consult the statutes of your city and your arborist. Some tree species are protected and cannot be felled. So, first, discuss and then decide! 

But what to do when you already have a tree fallen in your garden? Read-on to know!

Seek Insurance-Help First For Any Major Damage

Homebuyers often look for houses with mature trees because they are beautiful. These trees offer shade, greenery, and perhaps even fragrant flowers. However, mature trees are not always good news. There are many ways in which trees can reduce the life of your roof and your roof tiles unless you intervene to prevent it.

If the tree has fallen on your roof or has resulted in any significant damage – first contact your home insurance providers. See what they can offer to recover the loss. If they are not available to visit your place in-person, send them pictures using your phone. Once you have their insight, only then go for cutting the tree. 

Then Go For Cutting

For that, you need to rent – or buy – a chainsaw and get in touch with someone who has a crane or, at least, a truck with a trailer. It would help if you also had gardening gloves, protective glasses, and other wearables that guard our bodies.

Then, it’s time to eliminate it. Start with the branches, and then cut the trunk into pieces. Remember that the pieces have to be of a size that can easily be handled by the crane, and can fit well in the trailer. The smaller they are, the better they will fit. This way, we will not have to do much labor in transporting them from one place to another. If you think this is too much work for you -then hire professionals for cutting and tree stump removal service. They will do it for you while you relax on your couch and watch your favorite movie. 

Before deciding on your tree, always refer to a tree expert. Never prune a tree that protrudes from the roof. Instead, always hire an expert, or it can damage your roof. Also, note that there may be laws in your jurisdiction that regulate the extraction of trees that are part of a protected species. Professionals are aware of all such regulations and hence offer you the right solution. 

If you have any queries in your mind regarding anything stated above, comment in the section provided below. We will help you in making the right decision with our expertise. 

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