How to Clean your Record Player

Professional Record Cleaner

Not all of us use a record player to listen to music, however, for a lot of people the experience of playing a vinyl record can’t be beaten. Things have changed and amplifiers, stereos, and other devices took the place of record players, and yet, for record player enthusiasts, nothing can replace the soothing sound of vinyl. However, a distinct challenge when using a record player is managing the layer of dust that accumulates and covers the surface of your records and record player. You should learn how to use a record player properly and carefully to keep it in the best condition, so you can enjoy your records for a lifetime. You may think that you need a professional to clean your record player properly, however, this is only necessary when the record player is in really bad shape, otherwise, you can do it yourself. DIY cleaning your record player requires you to learn the proper technique and use the appropriate tools. Some people may try to take the dust off from a record player using a simple cloth in exactly the same way they clean a table. However, this sort of cleaning will only damage a record player and reduce its lifespan. Here is how you can clean a record player properly and without damaging it: 

Things You Need:

Before we explain the technique to clean a record player, it is necessary to know what products you will need. The gramophone or record player attracts dirt particles because of static electricity. These dirt particles will settle on its surface or make their way inside and damage your player. These particles will also scratch the playing surface. To keep your record player clean you should keep a lint-free cloth, dusting cloth which is anti-static, rubbing alcohol, a soft paintbrush, and a stylus cleaning brush on hand, all of which is readily available at record stores.

Cleaning the Record Player:

There are 2 basic steps when cleaning a record player. The first one is cleaning the stylus. You need 1 or 2 drops of cleaner on the stylus cleaning brush. Now you need to firmly hold the stylus in a secure way to restrict its movement, then switch the turntable on while cleaning. You need to use the brush to wipe the stylus completely and repeat the whole process around 5 to 10 times. This will make sure that the stylus is squeaky clean. Make sure that you are not rubbing it side to side, as this will damage the stylus. Always clean the stylus from back to front. A stylus cleaning brush is specifically designed for this purpose and doesn’t damage the stylus in any way. If you can’t find a stylus cleaning brush, a soft paintbrush can serve the purpose, however, you need to be extra careful while using a soft paintbrush for cleaning the stylus of a record player.

The second step is cleaning the surface. In most cases, you will only need a dry lint-free or anti-static cloth. Rubbing this cloth will be enough to remove debris and dust. However, if you want to be extra sure about the protection of your record player and remove a really thick layer of dust from the surface you can add a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the cloth. Rubbing alcohol is necessary to remove fingerprints from the surface of a professional record cleaner and the build-up of thick dust. While using rubbing alcohol start from the middle of the surface and then rub away in a circular manner. If you see any moisture remaining on the surface, use a clean lint-free cloth to clean it completely.