How to choose your Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) electrochemiluminescence (ECL) testing vendor?


    MSD assay or meso scale discovery electrochemiluminescence is a bioanalysis platform based on electrochemiluminescence reaction as a single detection technique. These are traditional to the ELISA techniques in several aspects as it applies a robust electrochemiluminescence technology for quantification of single and multiple target based analytes.  

    Features of the best Meso Scale Discovery Electrochemiluminescence Technology :

    Quick data acquisition – 

    A robust MSD assay kit promises with quick data acquisition and final report generation, which facilitates large-scale testing. 

    Easy to read plates – 

    Meso scale discovery plates are relatively more comfortable to read. You do not require any sort of specialized training or experience to work with MSD assay plates. 

    Fast MSD assay assignments – 

    Use pre-loaded MSD assay kit layouts for streamlining the process of analyte identification. For sample IDs, you can easily import or paste them from the ready-to-use spreadsheets. 

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    User-friendly data analysis –

    The graphical interfaces available with the MSD assay kits are equipped with the contextual menu. This makes the assay kit user friendly as the menu guides the users throughout the process of plate layout creation and report customization. 

    Versatile and Customizable – 

    Meso Scale Discovery Electroluminescence assay kits are versatile and customizable. Almost, every single data and report generated can be easily customized and archived for future use. 

    21 CFR compliant mechanism – 

    The essential requirement for regulatory authorization of your MSD assay kit is to comply with the regulations under 21 CFR compliant mechanism. The assay kits are thereby managed with their data integration tools which help in optimizing user experience and protection of your MSD assay results. Most of the MSD assay kits are often equipped with a software backed with an expanded audit log which facilitates easy tracking of significant events in analysis. 

    Robotic Interface – 

    The remote control capability of the MSD assay kits makes it convenient for the users to connect their interface with third party robotic controllers. 

    Characteristics of an MSD assay kit:

    Performance – 

    The performance features of the MSD assay kit are as follows – 

    Rapid read times 

    Highly sensitive and large formatting MSD assay system 

    384 multiplex MSD assay kit for providing high throughout and testing efficiency 

    Validation – 

    Meso Scale Discovery Electrochemiluminescence kit are developed under design control model. 

    These kits are designed to be compatible with Microsoft Windows. 

    The MSD assay kits are provided with optimized IQ/PQ/OQ plans. 

    Convenience and Reliability – 

    As there are very minimal chances for fluidics, you do not need to focus on things like cleaning or clogging. 

    No daily or monthly user maintenance is required. 

    The best MSD assay kits offer multiplexing feature without any type of compromise.

    While selecting your Meso Scale Discovery electrochemiluminescence testing vendor, make sure that the MSD assay kit offers the following benefits – 

    • Absolute quantitation 
    • Less processing time 
    • Low sample input 
    • Intensive labour for scalability 
    • Low analyte levels used in small sample volumes 
    • High or low abundance analytes within the same sample solution 
    • Limited matrix effect within biological samples such as a serum, tissue culture media, and plasma
    • Suitable for detecting low-affinity anti-drug antibodies

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