How to choose the right Social Media Channels for your Business?

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how to select right social media platform

Social media have permanently entered the world of the Internet and are an important element of the business strategy of many companies. This is not surprising. Social media channels are an effective promotional and sales tool and guarantee direct contact with the client. To fully use their potential, it is worth knowing which of them are suitable for your business to maximize the activities within those that provide the best results.

Some time ago, choosing the right social media platform was not as complicated as it is today. The brands set up a company account on Facebook and Twitter – the most popular social platforms at the time. Over time, new channels were added to their portfolio.

Those times are gone and today it looks different.

Instagram has gained popularity, LinkedIn and Pinterest also have great potential, and YouTube has become a leader in the ranking of the most active social media platforms, ahead of Facebook’s unrivaled Facebook and is a must for those who rely on video content.

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It is also difficult today to pass by indifferently to TikTok – a platform that has the highest growth dynamics compared to other services. This means that this channel has great potential to become an additional market for brands.

Do you have to be on all social media channels?

Taking up social media activities by brands seems to be completely natural and beneficial today. However, the multitude of available social channels makes it difficult to be active on each of them.

Attempting to be present in all available social media often leads to many errors in the communication strategy. As a result, it not only does not bring the intended effects but can also cause damage.

Duplicating the same content on different channels or neglecting profiles at the expense of others (which often results in inactive channels) does not bring anything good to the brand, and certainly does not positively affect its image.

To be able to allocate the right amount of attention it is worth focusing on several platforms that match the nature of the business and provide wide ranges and promote engagement with customers.

What to consider when choosing social media channels for a company?

Available platforms differ from each other primarily by the type of activity, subject matter, or even the audience. Just knowing the features, benefits, and functions that are specific to each of them will allow you to narrow down the selection of appropriate platforms.

The decision on the selection of the most important – from the company’s point of view – websites are also dictated to a large extent by processing capacity, the aforementioned business profile and the budget we want / can be allocated to social media strategy.

Therefore, the decision to choose social media channels for your business is based on three main pillars:

  1. Customer awareness.
  2. Knowledge of the specifics of social media channels.
  3. Knowledge of the industry.

Let’s take a closer look at them:

1.    Knowledge of customers

If I had to mention only one element that decides about choosing the right platform, it would be this one. Why? Let me explain this to you by example.

Your friend is a fan of water sports, and you have found a great offer of a travel agency offering a trip, where one of the points on the program is just surfing. The first thing you do is inform your friend about it. But to do this you do not wait at one of the stops close to his house in the hope that you will catch him on his way to work, just call or send a message.

You just know where your information should go to reach the main interested party.

Knowledge about which social media channels clients most often use allows you to precisely direct communication within those platforms on which your recipients are most active.

Why is this important?

Knowing the places on the Internet where your customers are present means that your time and money are not unnecessarily burned out.

Internet monitoring tools, allow you to quickly reach those sources where your clients – current and potential – generate the most buzz about the brand, products or the industry in general.

The monitoring function of many sources is responsible for this. These tolls collects public mentions from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch and other online channels, and presents data on the results from these places in a simple and readable form in two variants.

The first of them is visible in the main panel after logging in. From this level, you have access to all references to a specific topic, and the bar above them shows the number of entries published on a specific internet source, including the social media channel.

The possibility of filtering the results is a great help here. Thanks to this, you can view Internet users’ posts from the selected social media channel and based on the tone of the statement.

This is served by sentiment analysis, which automatically assesses the nature of the mention as negative, positive or neutral. This makes it easier to control a potential image crisis.

In addition, from the panel, you can directly go to the source of the mention and establish a relationship with its author.

A slightly different form of insight into the most active internet platforms is in the Analysis tab. Here you can check the percentage distribution of all mentions due to different channels.

Internet monitoring tools significantly shorten the path to getting to know those places that customers particularly like. All information is provided in one place. To find out on which social media channels your recipients are the most active, just set up a project on a specific topic. It could be:

  • Company name,
  • Product name,
  • Brand hashtag
  • And everything related to the industry.

What if you’re just entering the market?

You can base your selection of the right social media channels for your business on competition analysis. After all, your competitors’ target group is also your audience!

By monitoring your rivals, you can check wherein the network customers generate the most buzz and find out in which channels they do not bring satisfactory results.

2. Knowledge of the specifics of social media channels

Each social platform has its strengths and weaknesses, and as I mentioned earlier – it has a group of recipients, themes and type of activity.

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular social media in Poland:


A place to publish content in the form of a video. Ideally suited to all companies with tutorials, DIY materials (DIY), or educational content. The advantage of the platform is the fact that you do not have to be a registered user to be able to view its content. This put YouTube at the forefront of search engines.


There is a reason that the saying “You are not on Facebook = you do not exist”. I don’t know any brand that doesn’t have its profile on this channel. Facebook is a proposal actually for companies from every sector, offering the possibility of publishing various posts – graphic, video, and text.

Facebook is often the first way a customer contacts a brand. This is influenced by:

  • Well-targeted tags,
  • Commenting on posts,
  • Posting fan page reviews
  • And the ability to send a private message using the built-in messenger.


Over the past few years, it has been the fastest growing platform that can be described as a visual. Instagram is primarily photos and, contrary to appearances, is an ideal place to promote not only products but also services. If you are facing low followers issues on Insta then you can Buy Instagram Followers UK for your page or profile more popularity.


The specification of the tool means that Twitter is most often used by companies from the B2B sector to build brand awareness. The tool is a good solution for dynamic, rapidly changing businesses that want to share current information, important news, and announcements. Works great as a place to exchange interesting articles, quotes, news.


Like Instagram, Pinterest is another “visual” social networking site designed to collect collected graphic materials. Culinary, lifestyle, beauty, fashion and DIY themes prevail on the platform. Many users are looking for inspiration here, which is why high-quality photos and infographics are great.


A business platform that is used to establish relationships in a broad sense. LinkedIn brings together experts from many fields who, using the platform, generate leads, recruit employees and exchange insights from the industry. A unique feature is Slide Share, which allows you to attach and promote presentations and various types of business materials.

3. Knowledge of the industry

The strategy of communication in social media is largely dictated by the type of business you run. For example, companies in the retail sector can benefit a lot from the activity on these platforms, which is referred to as “visual”. Attractively presenting products on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest allows you to visualize a given product as much as possible.

In terms of knowledge of the industry, competition is also an important aspect. Checking on which platforms your main rivals are active is valuable information when choosing the right social media for your business.

This knowledge is especially useful if you are just starting a business and wondering which social media channels are worth choosing to promote your brand on the web. After all, there is a high probability that the activity of your competitors ‘customers is the same as your customers’ activity.

Monitoring of competition is one of the basic activities not only before starting a business but also during its conduct. The ongoing observation of rivals allows you to plan thoughtful actions that avoid mistakes and thus strengthen your market position.

As I mentioned earlier, Internet monitoring tools allow you to check which social media channels your customers prefer. This is done in the same way as when reaching your brand’s customers.

Conducting social media in business

Choosing the right social media channels is the first step to implementing an effective communication strategy. Even the best ideas for campaigns or attractive posts will not fulfill their role if they are published in the wrong place.

The dynamics of social platforms are constantly changing, so keep your finger on the pulse. The decision to choose the right services for your company should, therefore, be updated regularly, and control of current trends combined with knowledge of customer activity is irreplaceable in this case.

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