How to Care for Your Sports Memorabilia


Sports memorabilia are enjoyable and rewarding items to collect. If you are a beginner in collecting and unfamiliar with many aspects regarding this industry, you may feel unsure how to go about this. One vital factor in collecting sports items is learning how to care for them. With this, here are some pointers to follow on how to care for your collection if you want to build on your sports memorabilia.

Keep them dry

Dampness is a primary suspect in damaging your sports collection. This is because moisture can decline the value of an item and speeds up its decay. Most likely, you want to enjoy your collection for a long time, so you need to deal with the wetness. With this, the garage and the basement are not the ideal places to display your collectibles, as they are prone to moisture. They can also get humid, and their room temperatures are less controlled.

While you need your memorabilia to be dry, putting them on direct sunlight and high temperatures is not the solution. Sunlight can impact the signatures and colors on those sports cards, baseballs, boxing gloves, bats, etc., causing them to fade fast.

The best idea is to display them at room temperature or in an area where you can control the temperature, especially when the weather condition outside goes from one extreme to the next. Therefore, make sure to keep your sports memorabilia away from direct UV rays or use cases that come with UV protection.

Use quality frames and cases

If you talk to the industry experts, they will recommend displaying your sports collection in display cases. If you leave your collectibles unprotected, a lot can happen to them. Frames and cases vary in sizes and shapes, so you have a variety of options to choose from. Whatever item you want to display and protect, you will likely find a perfect one for it.

While placing them in frames and cases is about protecting your memorabilia, it also makes arranging and cleaning become a much easier task. For example, you will only need to perform some light cleaning and dusting on the outside of the frame. You only need to find the ideal time to do it.

Save sports collectibles with signatures

If you have been able to collect several autographed jerseys, baseballs, or hockey pucks, and you want to display them, consider it carefully. This is because signatures tend to fade, especially under direct light. Make sure to put them in an acid-free box or only bring them out during special events. Also, wear gloves or wash your hands before touching those memorabilia to prevent the oils from your hands from coming in contact with an item.

Limit the over-handling

While it is understandable to touch and admire your sports memorabilia, you must stop yourself and other people from constantly touching your collectibles. The reason is that constant handling can smudge autographs, cause the item to fade and easily wear it out. But there are a few instances when you want to allow some fortunate people to touch your prized possessions. Ultimately, you decide when to draw the line, but make sure to do it with caution.

If you are a sports fanatic, part of the excitement is collecting as many memorabilia as you can. Regardless of where you obtain an item, it is vital to protect it and preserve its value by following the tips above.