How to Buying Straight Bath?


The straight bath is the most popular and versatile choice that fits in most bathroom styles. When your bathroom is tight on space and you are looking for a stylish, comfortable, and budget-friendly option, a straight bath is an answer. With the addition of a bath screen, you can also use it as a shower bath and enjoy the convenience of a shower and bath in limited space of a compact bathroom. 

These baths are available in an extensive range of designs, sizes, and styles to fit in almost every bathroom size. Our little buying guide is aimed to introduce you with the style options available with types of straight baths.

Types of a Straight Bath

The versatility with space efficiency makes a straight bath the best candidate for modern bathroom décor. The straight outside edges and spacious interior shape gives excellent performance with rich aesthetic value. The following are the two categories of straight baths that you can choose from according to your personal preferences.


  • Single Ended Bath


The single-ended baths have a slope at one end of the bath to give ergonomic support to the neck and back when taking a bath. The opposite end of the bath is shaped straight where the taps and mixers are mounted. These baths are an excellent choice for individual use. The efficient use of space makes them an ultimate solution for compact space bathroom. You can optionally add a bath screen and a shower valve to enjoy the convenience of a shower and bath without using any extra space. a large variety of single-ended baths in a variety of materials and designs is available in the market. You can choose the one that complements your interiors.


  • Double-Ended Bath


Unlike a single-ended bath, these baths feature central fitting of the overflow and plug that open both ends of the bath making it perfect for a Deux bath. Both ends of the bath have a gentle slope to give support to your back and neck muscles. The central installation of overflow and other fixtures give easy access while taking a Bette bath. Double-ended baths are the best for a family with small kids. For traditional settings and larger bathroom spaces, the free-standing double-ended baths are an ultimate selection to bring a classic look.

Bath Shape

The straight bath comes in an exterior rectangular shape, but the interior shape may vary. Thus, you can choose the right shape and design that fit ideally to your bathroom interior. The most used shape is the softly rounded interior with a gentle slope on both edges to ensure the luxurious comfort to unwind after a busy day.

Bath Size

The biggest benefit of choosing a straight bath is its availability in a wide range of sizes that ensures there is a perfect bath for every bathroom space. you can easily find the one that suits your bathroom whether its is has limited space or large space enough to install a double-ended freestanding straight bath. The large sizes are best to suit for the tallest among additional space for legs to freely stretch. 

Bath accessories

Banyo offers Straight baths are fitted with a side panel to create a sleek look, provide support, and hide the plumbing for a minimalist look. You can choose bath panels in a variety of styles and finishes to match with other bathroom fittings and furniture. 

The choice of taps and mixers can add real value and character to your bathtub functionality and finish. To give it a luxurious feel you can add the taps with modern finishes, while for a more classic look the selection of separate hot and cold pillar taps or select a mixer with a hand-held shower whichever suits your preferences.