How to Buy Your Perfect Guitar to Keep Entertained During Covid-19 Pandemic


Guitars are some of the best music instruments out there. For the lockdown caused by the notorious Coronavirus, it is the perfect opportunity for people to stay entertained. Especially, considering the fact that most of us won’t be heading out, time at the house is better with activity. What better one than to develop or sharpen your guitar skills right!

Guitar for sale is available online as well if you haven’t got one already. Quality sellers from Ireland like Muzikkon offer worldwide shipping for everyone. There are also many different sizes and styles of guitars to choose from. Basic guitars often suit best for new or not so expert players. These allow basic level skilled individuals to get some sort of tunes from them.

Here is a guide that should help you get the best guitar for your needs during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Top Brands Aren’t the Only Ones to Go for

Many people will tell you top guitar brands are where you should be buying yours from. However, for basic skilled individuals, price points for the Fenders or the Gibsons of the world would be uncalled for. Ibanez or Rickenbacker easily start in the thousands of dollar mark as well.

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Yet, some of the lesser known brands can also provide just what you are looking for. Provided you know where to get it from, often, new brands offer cheap guitars for sale that are every bit as good in quality. As long as you are prepared to settle for slightly lesser quality materials, it should be fine.

If you don’t plan to play your guitars for The Beatles or any other rock band of the same magnitude, cheaper ones should run perfectly. It is just a matter of getting the right quality for you and not just focusing on the brand name.

Try a Used One If You Can’t Afford New

Guitars, whether from a famous brand or not, are expensive instruments altogether. Even a medium quantity one is bound to run your quite a bit of hard-earned cash when new. However, used guitars are also available at rather attractive price points.

Provided a used guitar is well taken care of, it should be able to provide good music for long time. Look at it, any decent quality guitar is made of woods, metals and other lasting layers. Everything on a guitar is made to last when it is well taken care of.

Unlike the Irish ukulele, the guitar is very easy to replace its strings as well. Maintenance costs very minimum time and money on a quality guitar. Buying used one might not be such a bad call after all when you can find one that suits you.

Strings Are Not Everything on a Guitar

Quite often, people only focus on the quality of strings on a guitar. It is easy to make that mistake since strings are the most usual maintenance requirements on one. Yet, strings are not the only things you should judge the quality of any guitar.

Quality of wood used for the body of it, craftiness in its arm and many other factors count much too.

  • How well the metallic knobs are fitted and what quality they are in?
  • How good of a condition the wood of your guitar is in?
  • Are there any major cracks in a used guitar?
  • Does the new guitar have easily adjustable knobs?
  • What kind of feel you get from it when holding it?
  • Is it the perfect one in size, dimensions and play style for you?

These are questions that you should be asking for a new or used guitar. Buying one will be a subjective choice. Once you have it, you will be most likely hanging on to it for quite a while. Get one that suits your preferences and beat out the coronavirus lockdown playing it.

Condition and Type of the Wood Matters

You might have heard wood types like the Mahogany, Swamp Ash, Walnut, Maple, Koa and few others in guitar community. These are all types of woods that would typically be used on high-end guitars. Basswood is easy to work with and can be found at minimum costs as well.

Mahogany, walnut and Koa will be the more expensive ones along with Maple and Swamp Ash. More of a wood type there is around the world, easier it is to be found and worked on. Less commonly found woods also coincidently tend to produce better sounds and reliable guitars.

Other thing is what type of a condition your wood is in. This will depend not only on how much the guitar is played but also how long it was made. How it got taken care of, will also play a vital role in guitar wood condition. Be vigilant and get best wood types for your guitars for it to play well.

Look Online for Good Deals

Online music stores and instrument sellers almost always offer better deals than famous shops. Even when you have online stores of famous brand names, you will surely get a better deal. In case of a used guitar, looking online will provide the best selection.

Although, you would have to trust a lot of things when buying online. When you are buying from a renowned brand online, chances are, there would be no compromises in quality. Some dodgy sellers tend to sell under excellent quality guitars as well offering attractive deals for them.

Always Look for Customer Feedback and Reputation

Especially in the case of buying a new guitar online, you should always look for brand reputation and customer feedback. Look for any channels that might reveal to you the quality of guitars your selected brand offers.

This is an important decision, pay attention and devote the required amount of time to it. When you get a quality guitar, playing it with a happy feel will take you a long way in the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Always buy one that feels right for you to get the best out of it.

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