How to buy marijuana seeds from online sources


Are you wondering how to buy marijuana seeds online for your grow project? Legalizing marijuana in some countries makes it pretty simple to buy the seeds if you live within those countries. However, if you stay in countries where weed production and consumption are illegal, you may find it challenging to buy the seeds. The good news is that you can buy seeds online regardless of the countries you’re based in. If you don’t know how to buy marijuana seeds discreetly without attracting attention, please stay tuned for killer tips and tricks.

Check the regulations of your country/state.

To ensure that you’re on the right side of the law while purchasing marijuana seeds, it’s critical to know the country’s laws or state you live in regarding weed production. Most of the states and countries have regulations that restrict how to grow cannabis. Strive to understand the number of weed seeds to grow as per the law.

Look for a professional seed bank.

While searching online, you may encounter multiple seed banks. However, not all of them can offer high-quality seeds and service. Are you wondering how to determine the best seed bank? The best strategy is to evaluate the reviews of the previous clients to understand their thoughts about that particular seed bank. If you encounter a preponderance of positive reviews, you can easily buy marijuana seeds from that specific supplier. However, too many negative reviews indicate that the online seed bank in question has inferior quality products and services. Please, avoid buying from such a supplier.

Check quality

You can evaluate the quality of marijuana seeds by assessing their appearance, size, shape, and age of grains. High-quality marijuana seeds display a tear-drop body, are deep brown, and maybe small or massive depending on various factors. Old may crack easily because of dryness.

Shipping considerations

If you’re located miles away from the seed bank, anticipate a delay in delivering your order. That’s the reason you should consider buying marijuana seeds for sale from a seed bank geographically situated near you.


Choose a discreet payment solution.

There are multiple payment methods that seed banks accept which don’t share your information with third parties. Reputable seed banks accept payment through external payment processors and credit cards. You can enjoy multiple perks through the use of credit cards. For example, you can pay the seed bank without exposing your credit card data. Additionally, payment processors will damage your information after the payment is through. If you wish to maintain your privacy while buying weed seeds, please check here for more details.

Go for smaller orders.

If you place a big order for weed seeds, you’re likely to attract attention. Therefore, it’s always advisable to opt for a smaller or medium order. However, if you need a huge order, you should make many small-sized orders instead of a single big one. You may also want to distribute your risks by buying from different online suppliers evenly.


Familiarize yourself with different types of weed seeds

Before you place your online order, it’s critical to understand the kinds of seeds available in the market. This knowledge assists you in determining how much growing space you require and the primary inputs needed. For example, if you go for feminized strains, you’re sure of enhanced yields. On the other hand, when you buy regular cannabis seeds, you’ll have males and females together. In such a scenario, you’ll need to identify the males to stop them from pollinating the females.

Consider customer service

The best online seed companies have superior client service and attend to client’s issues fast. Even when the website looks fantastic, it’s critical to call the company and gauge how they communicate to you.

A company with excellent customer service has a phone, email, and other contacts. So you don’t find it hard to reach them out.

Besides discovering their client service, you can also enjoy some deals and discounts if you contact them directly.

Use a different name.

In case you don’t like your name to be associated with cannabis products, you should avoid making your order via a Track & Trace. This means that you’ll not sign when receiving your products. You can use initials and pseudonyms at the mailing address.

Use a different email address.

To further conceal your identity, you may use a different email address that features another name. Creating such an email address is pretty simple when using Gmail or Outlook.


Suppose you’re a beginner in the cannabis industry and wish to buy marijuana seeds. In that case, you may want to conceal your identity as many individuals don’t like their names to be associated with weed products. The best seed banks may support payment solutions that hide your identity or destroy your information once you’ve paid. You can also use multiple strategies to conceal your identity at the personal level, as the use of different names and email addresses. Other tactics to use are well covered here.