How to build Brick Steps like a pro?

brick steps building guide
How to build Brick Steps like a pro?

The brick stairway at the entrance of the house or on the patio is a durable option. Having brick steps on your house will give it a traditional look. Building brick steps is challenging, even though they are elegant. A long-lasting stairway must be built with quality materials. The two basic requirements for constructing a brick stairway are the right construction material and the construction skills. In this article, I’ll explain how you can build brick steps.

Basic Material and Tools

For constructing brick steps you will need Mortar, bricks, trowel, cement mixture, measuring tape, sands, shovel, hammer, water, level nails etc. Have in mind you should buy only quality material if you want to build beautiful steps. 

Follow these simple guidelines recommended by building contractor to construct stairs. These guidelines will only helpful for you if you know the basic masonry work. If you are completely unaware then the best advice for you to hire masonry work Fredericton for professional results. 

Proper Layout

It is essential that you draw out a layout of how many steps are needed to complete your project. In this way, you can estimate how much mortar, cement and bricks you’ll need to build the steps. A second estimate you’ll need to make is of the stairs’ dimensions.


Make sure the foundation of the brick stairs is level by using a level. Put the foundation pad of stock two inches by six inches. In order to mix cement correctly, it has to be mixed according to the instructions on the bag.

Brick Stair Frame

Now, it’s time to begin constructing the brick stairs’ frame. Put about 1 inch of cement between two bricks using a level. For this first course of the staircase, you do not have to use expensive bricks. Make sure this first course is leveled properly. With this, the brick stairway interior frame is completed.

Face Brick placement

After mixing the cement according to the instructions on the cement bag, the next step in how to build brick steps is to lay bricks. It is recommended that you use the highest quality cement in the construction. Even the harshest weather conditions such as rain can’t harm the best quality cement. When we have finished mixing the cement, it is time to install the first course of face bricks. Bricks on the step that are visible are called face bricks.

When laying the face brick, you will also need to construct a tread. Pitch is an important component of a tread built on a stairway. To construct brick steps, it is crucial to building a pitch. Water runs off the steps because of the pitch.

Cleaning Excess Mortar

Following the tread, the riser bricks will be laid. You should lay the bricks according to a rule. To fill the space between two bricks with mortar, you need to provide space between each brick with a trowel. Finally, excess mortar is removed and the brick steps are completed. Adding a railing to the brick steps can be done after they are constructed.

By following these simple steps you can build your brick stairs. But you should also have the basic knowledge of masonry work to complete this job.