How To Avoid Overweight Baggage


When it comes to traveling by air, one of the most prominent concerns of travelers and passengers is the probability of their baggage being overweight. This might be the most annoying thing when traveling with lots of luggage. Second perhaps to losing your luggage in a sea of look-alikes. While there are custom travel bag tags out there to solve that problem, we’ve put together some handy tips to ensure your bag doesn’t stack on the extra Kg’s. 

Lightweight Luggage:

You’ve thought about what you’re putting in your bag but what about your bag itself! You can find a variety of modern baggage solutions that make use of lightweight materials and technology without sacrificing durability. This means you’re not wasting valuable weight on your bag itself. This lightweight baggage is available in both soft-shell and hard-shell designs for you to choose from. Weigh your luggage before you start packing so you know how much additional weight you have to work with too.

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Know The Risks:

Neglecting the fine print could be hazardous to your pocket, therefore, it is always better to read up and know what fines you’ll face for overweight baggage. Pay attention when booking flights as add on options will be much cheaper there than on the day. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Airlines all have different weight limits and restrictions as well as penalties, so make sure you check the one you’re flying with. 

Make The Most Of Your Carry On:

Worried about that big bulky jacket? Or your heaviest pair of shoes? If you can’t pack it without exceeding the weight limits just wear it! It usually gets a little frisky on flights due to the air conditioning so layering up to save space in your bag is a win-win. You are also free to take off your shoes and coat during the flight if you start to heat up too. You’re also allowed a handbag and carry on so take out some of those heavy books and accessories or electronics and carry them on board with you!

Only Pack The Essentials:

You might want to take your favorite 3 pairs of shoes, but maybe it’s better to take one versatile one instead. When traveling only ever take the essentials with you. Consider that you’ll always be able to buy things you really need. Try to pack outfits that are versatile and go well with each other so you can avoid having to bring more clothes.

Nobody wants to get stung with an overweight baggage fee just when they are about to board a plane. It’s not a good way to start or finish any holiday. Keep these tips in mind for your next trip and it’ll be smooth sailing… or flying.

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