How To Ask For Tips And Take Criticism For Your Small Business

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Running a business as an entrepreneur takes a lot of patience, dedication, and even some trial and error. Making mistakes is hard, but what sets a good business aside from the rest is its ability to grow from these mistakes. A good entrepreneur will stick to the task, figure out the weak links, reach out to others, and do everything it takes to get their business out of the survival phase and into a place where it’s thriving. Entrepreneurs can also seek helpful tips from multiple platforms like the springboard enterprises program. Taking constructive criticism from peers is another great way to grow and adapt to your business. Criticism is never easy to hear, but if it concerns the betterment of your business, it should always be met with an open mind. Being realistic and taking criticism is always going to get you further.

Here is how you can take constructive criticism positively:  

Don’t Take it Personally: 

It’s often hard to separate yourself from your business. Most of the time it is something you are passionate about, therefore you may feel as if it is an extension of yourself. Remember to step back. Other people see your business from a unique perspective as they are not as involved in it as you may be. This perspective can be just as valuable as your own. A lot of people don’t like to hear criticism and tend to take it personally without considering this. Whether you asked for criticism or not, the critic is simply observing their experience with your business, not your personality or intelligence. There should always be a clear line between your personality and work which separates both these things. If someone is criticizing your work, you should take it constructively and consider how you could work upon it to make your business better and broaden your skills. 

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Listen Without The Intent To Defend:

When someone is criticizing your work or business, your natural reaction may be to defend yourself and your work. While you may have good reason to explain what you do and why you do it the way you do, ensure that you’re actually listening to everything this person has to say, rather than getting carried away thinking up a rebuttal. It is important to keep in mind that criticism is necessary, and a natural part of starting a business in any industry. 

Always Be Thankful:

It is important that you acknowledge constructive criticism when it is given to you with the genuine intent of helping your business grow. Acknowledge that it is often hard to provide someone with an honest opinion regarding their business. Nobody has to go out of their way to offer constructive criticism, them doing so is often a gesture of good faith. Therefore, it is necessary to appreciate your critics because most of them are your well-wishers and want to see you grow. Being thankful to critics won’t only reflect your appreciation for their opinion but also reflect that you are ready and willing to learn new things. This is a great quality to portray both personally and as a business.

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