How To Arrange A Bedroom According To Vastu?


Many people prefer to build their homes keeping vastu tips in mind. This they do in order to keep peace and positivity in the house.

One must remember that each and every room must maintain vastu studies if they are following it. it should not be done half hearted. One can take help from a famous vastu consultant in Gurgaon and according to their advice they can build and decorate a room.

Bedroom is a very essential part of the house and if one s following vastu then they must keep their bedroom south west faced because it can bring prosperity and good health to the owner and the rest of the family. One should avoid placing their bedroom in the south east or the north east direction of the house. This can lead to quarrel among the couples. Also if one places the bedroom in the north east direction then they can face some health issues as well. The child’s room should be on the north west zone of the house.

A bedroom in the north is always considered lucky for everyone and it is also very fortunate for the young students who want to go ahead with their career and looking for some business opportunities. If one has bedroom in the east then it can give the owner some sharp intellect and they can excel in studies.

  • In a bedroom there has to be a bed. The bed has to be placed in such a way that the head will lie always towards the south or the east. This can influence the sleep quality a lot. The sleeping position in the master bedroom has to be in the west or the south and here the bed has to be placed against the wall in the south or west so that the legs always point to the east when one lie down.
  • If there is a guest bedroom in the house then the bed there has to have its head towards the east. It is the best if the bed there is made of wood because a metal bed can bring some negative vibrations. In order to encourage togetherness the couple must sleep in a single mattress and not two separate ones.
  • One must avoid keeping the bed in the corner of the room. This is because; it can prevent the flow of positive energy freely in the room. The bed position according to vastu has to be on the central part of the room so that there is enough space to move around.
  • The best sleep direction as per vastu is towards the south because this brings some long and quality sleep in an individual. If one sleeps with their feet towards the north then it can attract fortune and good luck. One must not place a mirror bang opposite to the bed because that is considered inauspicious.

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